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Cap_Jdog 08-17-2001 10:30 PM

J24 Good first boat???

I''m fairly new to sailing. I''ve sailed around on a sunfish and a snark, and now I feel I want a little more. Something I may be able to do a weekend on. I''ve been looking at a J24. Would it be a good first boat? One that I can learn on, and have around for a while to grow with as well?

Thanks for any advice

JeffH 08-18-2001 03:33 AM

J24 Good first boat???
I think they make great first boats. They are pretty easy to handle. You can learn an enormouss amount about sail trim and boat handling. As your skills build they are still good raceboats and so you can further develop your skills. They are not the best overnighters but I cruised my old Kirby 25 which has even less of an interior. They can be a little tricky in heavier winds but get rid of the jib and if things get really bad reef the main and you can sail in almost anything you might normally encounter. I personally son''t like sailing in J-24''s as the cockpits and deck layout are pretty uncomfortable but that is really more of a nitpick.


rbh1515 08-18-2001 05:38 AM

J24 Good first boat???
I would not get a J24 as a first boat, unless your goal is to get into racing right away.
You may want to get something with a more comfortable cockpit. Also, get a boat that you can sell easily when you are ready for the next one.
How much do you want to spend, and what kind of sailing are you going to do other than occasional overnighting?
Rob ~~~~_/)~~~~

Cap_Jdog 08-18-2001 02:46 PM

J24 Good first boat???
Thanks for your comments JeffH

Cap_Jdog 08-18-2001 02:50 PM

J24 Good first boat???
I am looking to spend under 5k. I found a j24 that is for 4k. I haven''t looked at it yet. My main concern is the hull, since it is cored. I guess the most sailing I will do will be day sails on Long Island Sound. At least at first. Maybe an overnight every so often, but that is it for now. Since you say that a J boat isn''t that comfortable in terms of cockpit, what other boats could you recomend?


rbh1515 08-18-2001 06:20 PM

J24 Good first boat???
I guess it would be best to look at a few different boats and see what the cockpits are like. I would guess that the J for less than 5k is going to have some problems and need some work. 5k is a small budget but it can be done. Look at some common boats__Catalina 22 for example. Go to and do a search on sailboats in the 19 to 25 foot range and see what you come up with. I used to sail on Long Island Sound in a Flying Scot (19''). You can certainly get one for less than 5k, but there is no cabin. Take your time looking and don''t just buy the first boat.

JeffH 08-19-2001 02:21 PM

J24 Good first boat???
A J-24 would be an excellent boat for what you want to do. They have good light air performance and so are nice boats on the Sound. A $5K J-24 is not likely to be in competitive condition and would need a fair amount (sails and bottom fairing) to go racing. You will need to have the boat surveyed because J-24''s in that price range are prone to hull and deck delamination and also problems at the keel stub.

Still you can find sound but not competitive J-24''s in that price range. It should hold its price quite well and serve your purpose quite admirably. You might also look for a Kirby 25 or a Capri 25 which should be similarly priced but harder to sell. The J-24 should hold its price as well as the Catalina 22, be better built and easier to sell, sail much better and faster.

Good luck

MikeMoss 08-23-2001 11:30 AM

J24 Good first boat???
A J-24 in one piece for that price is incredible. While they have shortcomings the J-24 is an outstanding sailor.

Before you buy it however consider that it will always be small. That the "cabin" is a joke and unless you and your friend are slender and very young you will soon dislike it for overnights. The boat is a wet one for the sound. It can get rough out there when the wind blows. However it''s a lark to the young of heart.

That said I paid a lot more for my first keel boat, a 1972 Cal 25. You can always sell the J-24.

If it passes a survey without major work needed buy it.

Frenzy 08-27-2001 06:35 AM

J24 Good first boat???
I own a J/24 and would have to recommend it as a first boat.
The J/24 is a spirited boat to sail, in light air she is fun, in med-heavy air
she is a blast. The J is a racing boat so accommodations are sparse but not appalling,
if you are looking for a "living room" with sails then go with the the others. You will
never outgrow the J/24, 4000 of the 5500 produced are being raced all over the world,
a testament to the performance and durability. Most of these boats are 20 years old and
command high price in race condition. If you find a "J" for under $7000 in any condition it''s a
good deal, as long as the hull is in good shape, every thing else is easy to fix. Most ''79-''83s sell for
$9000-$15000, not bad resale, what dose a 20 year old Catalina sell for? Due to the fact that
the boat is raced there are many used sails and parts on the market, most with only one season or regatta,usually at 50% or retail. If you are interested in sailing on a J/24 let me know, i will contact the fleet captain in your area and you can see for yourself. This offer goes for anyone else reading this post. If your anywhere near chicago
come on down you won''t be disappointed. We sail two to three times a week, i can''t say that about the hundreds of cruising
boats i see, week after week just swinging around there mooring.


timtim 11-15-2014 10:31 PM

Re: J24 Good first boat???
Tony, this is a old post, but I'm looking at a j24 and would enjoy going out on one before making a choice on buying one. I live in Raleigh NC and would travel to coast or lake to go sailing on one

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