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seti668 09-09-2001 12:52 PM

Seeking Advice on Living on an Yacht
Hi, I like to buy and live on a sailboat/yacht for retirement. Havn''t had much time sailing, don''t have all the knowledges about it, but I think I can master it eventually.

There will be only 2 people on board plus occassional guests.

So, question is, where should I start? please help me make a plan to reach my goal.

Does Bneteau have some models that would fit? any suggestions on which model from which manufacturer should I look into? if you are living on an yacht, could you share your experiences? since I don''t know anything, any ideas/advices/suggestions/..etc are very welcomed and much appreciated.


RobHoman 09-09-2001 03:34 PM

Seeking Advice on Living on an Yacht
My wife and I live on our Morgan 33 Out Islander. Our boat is 33'' long with a 12'' beam. She is quite roomy for a 33'' boat. My preference runs to the least the Out Islanders. As a 33'' she has a full head, galley and sleeping room for six. Just my wife and I are on the boat though. There is a forward v-berth, a pull out settee, a convertible table and a rear quarter berth. She is not a fast boat as she is heavy and full keeled....but she is stable and steady. She is 26 years old and doing quite well with our TLC and maintenance, and we expect her to be around for many more years and journeys.

Living on a boat is not the same as living in a house. The area is smaller, and everything is close. You had best get along well with your wife or girlfriend..... We find this style of living amenable as we enjoy the water, have plans to cruise soon and just don''t want to mow grass any more. But living on a boat is not all just fun. A boat has to be maintained...and in good shape since your life depends on it away from the dock.

I know very little about I can''t help you there. I would suggest that you go to some boat shows look at boats, new and used, go to the library and get every book you can about sailboats, especially types and designs. Try to look at as many as you can before you settle on any one kind or type.

wannasail 09-10-2001 03:54 PM

Seeking Advice on Living on an Yacht
It''s good to hear that there are others out there that are like my wife and I.
Wife and I have chartered for the last ten years in the Caribbean 35 to 50 foot boats mostly Beneteaus.
We are close to making a decision on the boat that we intend to live on and sail the costal US & Caribbean. Have looked at a variety of new boats in the 30 to 40 foot range.We have narrowed it down to the Beneteau 331, Dufour Gib''Sea 33, Hunter 340 and Catalina 34MKII.
There are many goosd used boats but like anything used you buy, you get what you pay for. I have gotten quite alot of good, informative info. from other sailors here any other sites.
Do suggest you look around at a variety. Took us over a year of looking to come to this point. Hope to make a decision after the Annopolis Boat Show.
Good Luck

dave22q 06-07-2011 06:33 PM

first will u trade comfort for speed. morgan 33 is great if yes but you won't beat anybody up wind. dont be fooled by length some narrow 35 footers have less confort than a beamy 28. try to spend time on other people's boats so you can learn what you like.
best of luck.

TQA 06-08-2011 08:39 AM

Hi Seti668

It would help to know what your likely itinerary is. Are you thinking of going offshore for long periods or cruising Florida with odd trips to the Bahamas or what?

Will you live in marinas or at anchor.

Different boats suit the above very different lifestyles.

JimsCAL 06-08-2011 11:27 AM

Ten year old thread guys.

carl762 06-08-2011 06:27 PM

Yup. Interesting that OP didn't follow up here.

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