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chuck711 09-09-2006 07:22 AM

Ebay How to show and close a boat sale?
Ebay How to show and close a boat sale ?

Help! What is the Best way to show sell and close a Boat Sale?

Bombard the potential buyer with Lots of info? Buddy up?

Just Listed a 1988 Cal 33 that I used on a Caribbean voyage.

My first boat and never sold a boat before. Any suggestions?

Please share your experiances........


ebs001 09-09-2006 08:14 AM

In previous threads people have suggested using a broker. The cost of the broker is usually covered by the higher return you'll get for your boat. A broker looks after things like advertizing, showing the boat, posting it on the internet etc. Most inquiries about boats are now coming from people seeing them on the internet.

garymcg 09-10-2006 12:44 AM


I sold a 2 year old powerboat on eBay, got the "buy it now" price in 15 hours. I look at the eBay boat auctions often, and it seems to me that as far as sailboats go only the smaller cheaper boats actually sell. I think many people are just "running it up the flagpole" with the bigger boats; it's only $40 to list any vehicle. There was a spectacular S&S Tartan 46 on there about a month ago that got a bunch of comments and questions but no bids, which is sort of typical. I think people take one shot on eBay, if it doesn't sell then it's time for a broker.

That said, what worked for me is lots and lots of photos, and a very detailed listing (synthetic crankcase oil changed every 50 hours, etc.) Pretty much the same stuff that catches your eye on Yachtworld.

It also didn't hurt that some guy was looking for a boat similar to what I had listed and got outbid on one a week earlier.

Anyway, that's my $.02.


hoppy 09-10-2006 12:50 PM

Do you have pictures, specs posted? Would be interested in taking a look.

sailingdog 09-10-2006 10:52 PM

BTW, shouldn't post duplicate threads, it's bad netiquette.

chuck711 09-12-2006 07:07 AM

Ebay what a great Resonse on my 1988 Cal 33
So far I've had 950 people view my auction! in 5 days.
Wow that just blows me away! 38 people are tracking!
I think having a $500 deposit doesn't scare buyers.
Most boats have a $2000 deposit I think thats too steep.

ebs001 09-12-2006 11:29 AM

Chuck you have had no bids. People kicking tires means nothing. I don't know what you're reserve bid is. I do know that it's more than $40K, but just to give you and idea where it should be. 1988 Cal 33s are selling for $59K-$60K on , so you'll need to get $55 or better or you have been better to list it. I point this out because I personnaly would not buy a boat on eBay and so I wouldn't list one on eBay either. If I think this way there are numerous others who think this way as well. It has nothing to do with the $500 dollar deposit, either.

jflowers 09-13-2006 02:21 PM

I agree that the deposit is of little consequence. I just listed my Hunter 37-cutter on Ebay with disappointing results. About half the real value (9/06 survey: $43,700) although on a 10 day listing with a lot of promotion outside Ebay (25 websites including my own there were more than 8000 visits, 138 watchers and 12 bids.

I think ebs001 has got it right. It is difficult for anyone to gather all the information and come around to the decision to pay tens of thousands of dollars on Ebay and most of the lurkers are just that - lurkers. So the real market that is addressed by an Ebay offering are the buyers who are willing to pay only a fraction of the real price for the risk of buying through Ebay.

FWIW, although located on lake Eire in Sandusky, OH, my bids were from Seattle, WA, Washington DC, Houston, TX, North Carolina, Florida and even St. Thomas USVI so looking at a $6K - $10K shipping cost.

Interestingly, the only SCAM offer came from the US Boat ad. Buyers father and law buying for their wedding present - big check - return the balance via Western Union. Argggggh!

Ebay is a fantastic market and I have had great transactions buying some things at 10 cents on the dollar and selling other things for more than they cost me 15 years ago. It just doesn't work for high-ticket items.

To verify this for yourself, log on to your Ebay account and review all of the completed auctions for sailboats on Ebay motors. Very few bidders ever exceed the reserve price and there are, therefore, very few sales.

All that said, you can't beat the exposure for a $65 cost. And - maybe the lucky buyer will have been influenced by the Ebay auction.

chuck711 09-14-2006 07:34 AM

I priced my boat 10 K under market value on Ebay
EBS001 Your numbers are right. 1988 Cal 33's sell for 59-60K. My Reserve is less than 50K

I priced my boat 10 K under market value on Ebay

EBS001 You are right I really don't think that many boats are sold on Ebay. I think after the auction the Lurkers feel more comfortable without a
legal 3rd party pushing them along a expensive transaction and visit the boat.

However I'm looking for exposure and I'm getting it!

I priced my boat by your numbers 10K under market and I guarantee there
isn't another boat with these many recent improvements.

That said I've not met many brokers who work hard and know the product
they are selling. On principal I'd rather sell Fairwinds for what I need out of her and properly market the boat.

ebs001 09-14-2006 08:05 PM

I took a look at your auction on ebay and I agree your price is a good deal. You have identified the problem, how do you get exposure? These days the internet is the number 1 source people use to find boats to buy and the main way to the internet is through brokers. There are many good hardworking, knowlegdable brokers out there. There are also bad ones. Maybe try asking for recommendations for your area.
There are web sites that handle private sales too. I found one, I'm sure there are more, in a google search I did. It is Gives you another option. Also Cal may have a forum on which you can list.
Just some thoughts, good luck

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