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Curt 09-21-2006 04:18 PM

Pearson 424 or CT 41 ?
Which of these boats would be the better boat for nearly the same money?

Surfesq 09-21-2006 04:33 PM

Well this is a good question. They are not really similar boats. I own a Seawolf 41 which is essentially the same as a CT41. I happen to really like my boat but there are some differences.
1. The CT 41 is a leaky teaky. So you are likely to have some problems with water penetration, soft decks and perhaps rot down below.
2. The problems are not insurmountable but nonetheless, be prepared for a lot of work.
3. The CT 41 is a full keeled boat while the Pearson I believe has a modified fin keel. Or perhaps a hybrid between the two.
4. I would say the CT41 is more of a bluewater boat than the Pearson but again it depends on the condition of the boat you purchasing.
5. The Pearson has a cabin under the cockpit and separate entrance which is really nice.
6. The CT has a master berth toward the front with a Pullman berth.
7. I think the CT is going to be a bit sturdier and have a better built interior. From my perspective, I just did not like the way the Pearson interior was constructed.

As far as sailing, I have sailed both boats. I think the CT is going to sail better in heavier offshore weather. Perhaps the Pearson would be a better coastal boat.

SailorMitch 09-21-2006 07:36 PM

Too bad Whoosh doesn't hang out here anymore. He sails a Pearson 424 and spent quite a while in the islands, England and Europe. I think he is back in the states now.

Anyway, the P-424 is a marvelous boat. You can take it anywhere. I can connect you with a couple of owners if you'd like to get their opinions.

Disclaimer: I currently own my second Pearson. :)

camaraderie 09-21-2006 10:25 PM

Yes...both boats can take you anywhere. I too would give an edge in seaworthiness to the CT41 in good condition. Unfortunately...most CT41's you find will have significant problems with hull, deck, or tanks and you are much more likely to find a lovingly cared for 424. Some people don't like the layout of the 424 as it is a bit different. Note also that the boat is also available in a 422 center covckpit version. These tend to be rare and sell quickly. If you can find a CT41 that someone else has already done all the work on, they are excellent cruising boats.

Curt 09-22-2006 12:10 AM

Thanks people, I have been looking at this a long time and from the beginning I have liked the Pearsonís, the later 38 in particular. I have found the CT's Formosa's Mariners, and Islanders are all about the same off the Garden design. I really like the boats I have looked at and surprisingly they have for the most part been kept up well and had many of the improvements already done. This is why they are running prices comparable to the 424 Pearson. Both can be had in fine shape for around 70 to 80 K. The Garden design I am convinced would right itself if it were knocked down in turmoil. The Pearson has a smaller keel and as one of you said earlier is not a full one like the Garden rigs. They seem to be more tender and that is understandable. I have not been able to find one to look at in my area. I see seem advantage to the Pearson but the CT types are supposedly much heavier hulled and far less prone to blistering, of course the deck and cabins are still a concern. The Pearsonís are built very well topside but I am not getting enough information of the Hull's and I would like to get some better understanding of the rear stateroom and how spacious it really is. The 422 and the 419 are almost impossible to find and I am not sure about a center cockpit anyway. I like the space down below but is it worth the compromise?
Thanks for your comments.

Curt 09-22-2006 02:36 PM

Do you recall if the CT was a pilothouse and if so was there a large compromise in space?

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