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jiml2p 10-01-2001 10:55 PM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
I have just made the decision to look for a sailboat. So far, I have read a brochure for the new MacGregor 26 sailboat. Maybe it''s because MacGregor has good marketing people or because I have done very little research into any other boat of a similar class, but I absolutely fell in love with it and the concept. It is a boat that seems to fit my lifestyle very well.

Can anyone out there share their knowledge and experience with the MacGregor 26 or any other comparable boat before I jump in with both feet?

I have never bought a boat before and am relatively unknowledgeable in how to go about it. I want to do alot of research before I buy. Should I buy new? Used? What accessories are essential? What aren''t? etc.

Thank you in advanced for taking the time to answer my newbie questions.

thomsonjd 10-02-2001 03:04 AM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
I don''t know the McGregor so can''t answer your specifics on the boat, but I do have some advice re. new vs used.
Unless money is no object, I would strongly recommend that you go with a used boat - but find a broker that you can trust and who can advise you well. One of the things you want to determine early on is what type of sailing do you intend to do (racing / day-sailing / extended cruising)and where.
A used boat will generally come with much of the basic equipment (and often a lot more than the basic) that is appropriate for the boat. Of course, the risk of the older boat is that it comes with defects that can''t be spotted by the amateur. This is why you need to have your intended boat surveyed by a reputable surveyer - and don''t fall too deeply in love with the boat before the survey in case emotion overides sense when you get the results - unless you are set on a custom boat, there will generally be another of the same class for sale if you are patient.

Denr 10-02-2001 05:29 AM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
One of my dock mates has one of these boats and I have sailed with him, this boat sails very poorly! This is truly an awful sailboat but not a bad powerboat. This boat gives new meaning to the word cheesy; it is such a piece of crap. If this is what you want I''d seriously look at a Sea Ray of the same size.

brusail6 10-02-2001 07:27 AM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
I sailed some years back on a Macgregor. It was an ok boat for a short sail in good weather. Many other good boats to choose from in comparable price range.

BenDaniels 10-02-2001 08:25 AM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
You owe it to yourself to keep looking. Think of MacGregor 26 vs. Bayliner. Take off the token rig and turn it into a proper powerboat. The Macgregor has enough windage from the hull to sail sideways without the rig anyway. I often see one on Lake Washington, and last Saturday this boat sped across the lake with a steerer in the back and children and adults on the bow to keep it down...must have been a 50 hp model. Early in the season, we saw it trying to sail but lately I only see it under power...which I surmise is what it does best. Did notice three reef points in the mainsail...absurd.

jiml2p 10-04-2001 04:21 PM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
Thank you for your input.

It sounds like the powerboat option is just fine for what it is. But people aren''t too impressed about the sail-ablility.

I can tell that it isn''t going to be a competetive racing sailboat. But I wonder if it would suit my sailing needs just fine. I want to sail but don''t want to spend a week getting to my destination.

Actually I should rephrase that. I can''t be spending all of my yearly vacation on one sailing trip. Weekend trips would be perfect. Motor out to the area, perhaps, then sail around. I don''t have it all figured out yet, but I don''t want a powerboat. That''s all I know.

The MacGregor 26 seemed like a good compromise.

aasault 10-04-2001 05:47 PM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?

You sound sold on the Hunter, but please do some homework before you buy one. Check all the motorsailer listings on Get a clear picture of what is available.

Good Luck


rbh1515 10-04-2001 07:35 PM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
You say you do not want a power boat, but that is exactly what the MacGregor 26 is: a power boat with a sail on it. As others have noted it does not sail well at all. If you want to sail there are many great sail boats out there in that size range. I''m not talking about racing sailboats. I''m talking about daysailors and weekenders for cruising.

etordahl 10-05-2001 07:06 AM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
I too am in the exact same position as you. I have amassed a lot of data on this boat.
I invite you to visit:

Home / Buying a Boat / Boat Check here
at and type in MacGregor 26
Read what EVERYONE has to say:

Joint the list servers here as well
Members Center/ Join Email list’s, there are two listed for MacGregor.

Home/Boat Buying/ Free Value Check
Enter MacGregor 26
This is for Boat US members only, contact me directly if you’re not and I’ll fwd the report to you

Better Business Bureau
and enter MacGregor Yacht Corporation

I also had a chance to demo sail her at South Shore Marina.

And though I’m not a “Sailors” Sailor, I own a 16’ Oday OSPRAY and have crewed on
21’ swing centerboard (been a while, forgotten which make), 27’ Catalina, and a 33’ 1964 SwiftSure.

From what I learned:

Due to the uniqueness of her design, she is in a class by herself. We can all agree she is a compromise w/respect to sail and powerboat.

They have had design improvements over the past 6 years based on customer complaints.

It appears 75-80% of the owners are quite satisfied with them.

Testimonies of owners who sailed from Florida to Bermuda, would one consider that more than
Coastal cruising?

My decision:

I live off of Moriches Bay, which is on the south shore, East end of Long Island. Lots of shallow water in the bays with the Atlantic on the other side of the Moriches Inlet (power through the inlet is nice). I can power along through canals to Peconic Bay (between the forks) and beyond to New England. Or go west to New York city and the Hudson Valley. I can also trailer to the North Shore (20 min ride) to Long Island Sound (rich in sailing and gunkholes). Her dual ability is perfect here.

As for her accommodation’s, seems perfect for my family of four. Since my wife hates the water, even better for me!!

A NEW boat, at a price I can afford.

Low maintenance, a plus for those of us who live in an age where we work more than our parents did.

Again, she has her own weakness’, know them and turn them into asset’s

Based on the numerous owner’s comments, I feel I will enjoy her as well.

Within a month or so the fun of wheeling and dealing will start!

Let me know how you make out.

phlegman 10-07-2001 07:20 AM

MacGregor 26 vs. ?
It is a great boat to learn to sail on. I have owned one for five years. Please contact me directly for more info. CROMAN@AIUSA.COM or 315-682-5442.

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