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Zanshin 10-23-2006 03:34 PM

Bit the bullet - bought a Jeanneau 43DS
After lots of looking at different boats in the BVI (over 600Mb of pictures of boats from 40" through to 50") and a survey / repairs I've just emptied my bank account but have become a new owner. Friday will see me on a flight across the big pond and two weeks of becoming acquainted with this 4 year old ex-charter vessel. I'm sure the chandlers in the BVI are going to see me more than a couple of times in the near future.

I think the first step is going to be deep & thorough cleaning inside and topsides. Are there any particular cleaning liquids or compounds that I should stock up on or should studiously avoid?

sailingdog 10-23-2006 04:19 PM

BoatZoap is a good all purpose boat cleaning product. The Miracle cloth for polishing and treating metal is also worth getting your hands on...

I hope you've had a thorough survey and made purchase subject to a sea trial... Personally, I'm not a fan of ex-charter vessels, as most I've seen have had some serious abuse to them, and are in far worse shape than a privately owned vessel of the same age and make. Also, the cabin layout on charter vessels is often not optimal for a private owner...

But, in any case...good luck and enjoy.

If you want, I can post a list of some of the products I've found to be better and more useful. Let me know.

Zanshin 10-24-2006 03:34 AM


I'd very much like to see a list of products that you find useful! The charter boat question is a tough one - you pay less but you might get a lot less. In this case the cabin arrangement lets me change from 4 to 2 through quick removal of wooden panels and doors (which can be stored onboard). I mitigated the risk of damage by having a good survey done and I'll probably be able to judge whether I got a good deal about a year down the road.

camaraderie 10-24-2006 09:02 AM

Miracle cloth for brass and stainless.
Murphy's oil soap for anything wood.
Soft Scrub for anything white...fiberglass, and countertops
Mr. Clean magic eraser for scuff marks, shower stalls, etc. if that doesn't work on a spot try Clorox Cleanup which is also great on mildew removal.
Use lysol to get rid of mildew smell areas.
For windows..any window cleaner WITHOUT ammonia.
Novus 1&2 for plexiglass and vinyl.
NO bleach products in the heads.
To polish wood...Scotts Liquid Gold

All this from the Admiral! She keeps a Bristol vessel...Good luck with the new boat!!

sailingdog 10-24-2006 10:12 AM

Cam's list covers it pretty well.

I'd add Boat Zoap for the topsides and highly recommend getting a can of Boeshield T-9 for coating and lubricating many of the metal parts you have on a boat. :D Boeshield RustOff is excellent from cleaning up any metal that has a bit of rust and you want to protect from further damage.

Zanshin 10-24-2006 01:12 PM

Thanks for the excellent advice, I'll stock up my cleaning closet with these products (if I can find them).

But I do have to ask:

- why no bleach products in the heads?
- I thought ammonia didn't bother Lexan?

cardiacpaul 10-24-2006 01:42 PM

cam's got the list!
brasso for the duh, brass & Chrome/Stainless applied with an old cotton sock.
basin tub and tile cleaner for the mildew (anything with bleach in it)
use no bleach IN the head

sailingdog 10-24-2006 01:43 PM

bleach can damage the seals and other parts in the head....bad...unless you like the smell of sewage. ammonia tends to yellow a lot of the plastics used on boats--not all are lexan...

Zanshin 10-24-2006 02:14 PM

Ahh, English is such a wonderful language. I misunderstood "no bleach in the head" but understood "no bleach IN the head" :o

I've used Windex or the like for years for most of my cleaning needs, so it will be hard to wean myself away from this solvent but I'd rather not risk windows/portholes/hatches that are too dulled.

sailingdog 10-24-2006 02:27 PM

Glad to help...

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