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bubba 10-21-2000 02:59 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
After a short side-diversion looking at a Flicka in need of a lot of project work (glad I shook that one off), I am back on track to looking for a used sailboat in the 29-34 foot range.

Primary use: Liveaboard + Coastal Crusing [in that order]

Primary gripe: Headroom. I am 6'' and want to be able to stand up/walk around without bumping my head.

I have to admit I like good/well designed interiors but that is a secondary criteria. The first criteria is I like older boats so far I have concluded because a) some are built well/overbuilt on the hull and b) they help on a college student budget to offset costs with liveaboard abilities.

One line that I had in the past focused on was the older Cal sailboats. I have inspected 29''s and 30''s and originally I was told to get a Cal 34 by my sailing instructor. The 29''s and 30''s are nice because they can be had locally for 10-14K price range, and the 34''s are in the low to mid 20s for initial asking prices.

To keep from being too close minded, what other boats should I be looking at while trying to avoid the dogs (my word for poorly constructed boat models/year ranges).

amongo 10-22-2000 09:31 AM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
I use to live aboard a pearson Vangaurd 32'', this is an older boat that is available for 10-20000.

paulk 10-31-2000 02:01 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
If you can find one, a Ranger 33 might be nice. They draw about 5'' and look nice. Practical Sailor says some nice things about them, and the price may be right.

bubba 11-03-2000 06:52 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
Thank you for the tips and hints. I finished signing today on a C&C 35. Will be running through the surveys next week.

paulk 11-04-2000 01:40 AM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
Would have suggested the C&C 35 but thought they might be more than you wanted to spend. They''re nice boats that look good, sail well, and hold up reasonably because they''re put together sensibly. Happy sailing!

thomaslpowell 11-04-2000 03:01 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
I have owned an Ericson 29 for the past 6 years and if my family of 4 can survive aboard for two weeks at a time a single should have no problem. The boat is quick, well built and resale stays high - we love her.

bubba 11-19-2000 01:02 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
C&C deal fell through....

Allied Seabreeze deal is now on :-)

jollymonjeff 11-21-2000 11:40 AM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
I''m not sure if you wanted to go this low..but the bayliner Buccaneer center cockpits are really roomy and less than 10k. If your just looking for a place to live and a good baysailor, or light coastal work, give it some thought. There are plans and specs at

MikeMoss 11-23-2000 06:41 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
What went wrong with the C&C 35 deal? What year and model was it?

Don''t even board a Buccanner. Some of them are dangerous.

bubba 11-23-2000 06:57 PM

Opinions welcome->Good Old Boats
Sellers didn''t return brokers calls after it was found to have a large blister problem...

Oh well

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