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hootie 11-06-2001 03:35 AM

Tartan T27 Handling
I recently purchased a T27 project boat out of the water. I have never sailed on one and I am curious as to how they handle. How susceptible are they to knock down, how well does it recover if heeled over to the point that the keel''s out of the water and how well do they point. I need to do alot of deck work to it as well as much interior work and some engine work and a few other things... is there anything I need to look for as far as potential problems?
Thanks, Lorne

paulk 11-06-2001 05:21 PM

Tartan T27 Handling
Get a copy of Practical Sailor''s Used Boatbuyer''s Guide. They review different used boats and outline what the problem areas are on different brands and models, including the Tartan 27. (They recommend it guardedly - no small praise, from them!)

timer 11-06-2001 06:27 PM

Tartan T27 Handling
The Tartan 27 - Fine boat even by todays standards. Great downwind performer, loves a beam reach & points well if rig and sails are good. Handles rough weather better than many. A boat that was made to sail. Mine is #272 and I cherish her.

hootie 11-12-2001 12:03 PM

Tartan T27 Handling
I appreciate the info. This is my second sailboat. My first was a Santana 525 that I had purchased just for this past season to learn on, but with the absence of weight got a bit creepy feeling in anything over 2 and a half foot waves and 18 knot winds. I''m in hopes (after a lot of time and money are thrown into it , it will handle as you say. I still have so many questions about the T27s. Does it round up well? Thanks again, Lorne

bporter 11-29-2001 03:27 PM

Tartan T27 Handling
My first boat was a Tartan 27. Also a project when I bought her, more of a project when I was done, as I learned I had no time for a project boat.

As my first boat, even though it was only 5 years ago my memories of it''s capabilities are...less precise...than if I sailed one now, since I''ve learned a ton in the interim and had very little to compare to.

In general I remember her being very forgiving of a beginner, and very stable. I never got offshore with her, as the cabin was not someplace that was ready to sleep in, but in all of the daysailing we did she was always a pleasure to sail.

As far as pointing ability, I do not remember it to be a stellar pointer, although that probably had more to do with the condition of my sails and my ability to trim them properly than anything else.

My strongest impression of the boat is that it was a very forgiving & comfortable boat to learn on, although I did scare my mother-in-law half to death on one 20+ day. Of course reefing the main was still a novelty to me then...

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