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redstripesailor 11-29-2006 12:51 PM

Ranger 24?
Does anybody know anything about a Ranger 24?

SteveCox 11-29-2006 01:01 PM
Try that for some info. Be aware that there are two manufacturers of Ranger sailboats. The link above is for a Kent Ranger 24 which was made in Kent, WA. The better known Ranger line designed by Gary Mull was made in SoCal.

redstripesailor 11-29-2006 01:15 PM

That's good stuff Steve, Thank you. I've never heard of a Kent Ranger.

sanjuan2R 12-09-2006 01:09 AM

Ranger 24
The above comment is true. If you are referring to a Ranger 24 - it would have to be a Kent Ranger 24 familiar in the Pacific Northwest. But Ranger Yachts of So. Cal was built by Jensen Marine [who also built the Cal sailboats]. The sizes of Jensen Marine Rangers were 23 ft., 26 ft. up to 37 ft. They were designed by Gary Mull (exclusively).
The Kent Ranger was designed by Ray Richards. They are lighter but not faster. I would definitely opt for a Ranger 23 or preferably a Ranger 26 due to its better construction quality and ease of handling.

Richman7777 05-28-2010 11:08 AM

Kent Ranger
I have a Kent Ranger 24' - 1978. It's not fast but has pretty good amenities and seems pretty sea-worthy. I'm not a real experienced sailor so I don't know how it compares to the other Rangers but it's similar to a San Juan 24 but seems to be better able to handle more people in comfort because of the seating arrangement. Had 6 on the boat the other day and we weren't crowded. I'm new here and haven't figured out how to put a picture of my boat up yet... but I'll figure it out. Rich

olson34 05-29-2010 10:48 AM

Ranger (from Kent, WA)
Back in the day I used to crew some on a R-24. I also raced and cruised a Ranger 20 for 5 delightful years.
The R-24 fleet and the SJ-24 fleets used to race same courses, each for their own one design trophies. Both were designed to the old quarter ton IOR and both were about the same average speed around the buoys. The Rangers were noticeably more stable with the chute up, tho. (The Kirby-designed SJ had quite a reputation for washing off spreader tips on a windy run with a chute up!) :rolleyes:

For general cruising, the Ray Richards Rangers had an excellent interior design, with head aft. Matter of fact, C&C used/copied that interior for one their C&C 24 variants.

Ray Richards designed both his Ranger 20 and 24 for easy and efficient sailing with their cockpit layouts, and with useable interiors that could cruise with a couple easily. Both were unusual for having positive floatation. While having enough foam blocks under parts of the interior did reduce storage somewhat, it's a nice safety feature -- this came about because the owner of Ranger Boats had a concern about boats sinking and wanted the larger line of sailboats to be as unsinkable as their older line of sailing dinghies.

Note also that the R-24, with its motor well, has massive cockpit drainage for going offshore. Along with a bridge deck, it's a very safe boat. Unusual then (or now) the Rangers were build with spendy take-apart molds for the cockpit and interior. That's how they are able to have the face of the seats slope back to give foot room.
The "off shore ancestor" of the R-24 was likely Ray's Haida design. Still popular as a budget ocean boat.

Fair winds,

ps: trivia -- Ranger Boats of Kent, WA, is a much older company than "Ranger Yachts" in California... which was illustrated by a very humorous legal challenge in 1980..... :cool:

Richman7777 08-09-2013 10:01 PM

Re: Ranger 24?
I've learned a lot since my last posting. I still have my Kent Ranger 24'. While the Ranger Yachts 26' is a much faster boat it's garbage compared to the Kent Ranger in terms of construction and durability.

The Ranger Yachts 26 has a few issues and a few good things. First: it's fast. With a PHRF rating of 198 it will slaughter my Kent Ranger at around a PHRF 288.

Anyone who knows much about either boat would never suggest the Ranger 026' is built better. Let me start with the Ranger 26'...

The Ranger 26' has an iron, bolted on keel... which sometimes breaks off. This is inconvenient and results in the boat sinking. This, of course, can be averted if you are willing to pay the $150 per bolt to have them replaced... a cool $750. then, you must also fare the keel... a haul out and another few hundred dollars. Now... you're ready to begin work on the cabin. It will be dry-rotted because it's a plywood core. Well, that's a problem. You can't just rip it out because it's part of the boat. So you inject it with stuff that's like Botox for crappy boat decks and hope for the best. It doesn't really work, but you feel better... so onward you go - ignoring the transom that is also rotted. Then you start to realize that the interior is also rotted because the cabin wasn't able to keep water out. Well, that's a shame... but it's fast.

Enter the Kent Ranger...

It's cabin is 1" of solid fiberglass that will never rot. It's keel is lead shot encapsulated and integrated within the hull... so there's no maintenance, worry about dry rot or concern about faring the keel. Now, compare the standing rigging between the two boats. One is designed for the bay and the other is rigged for the ocean. The comparison is laughable. The Kent Ranger, designed to go out of the bay, has substantially larger rigging. Add to that the positive flotation and the many other safety features on the Kent Ranger and you have a very different boat. It's not as fast - 288 compared to 198 - but I've had mine in 35+ knot wind and just having fun. I'd take her anywhere.

Dauntless Brent 08-10-2013 11:50 AM

Re: Ranger 24?
Hey Richman7777. I have a Ranger R29. Wanna race? "I'd take her anywhere", You, would be showing up a week later. The only thing that's "laughable" is your opinion.

olson34 08-10-2013 12:57 PM

Re: Ranger 24?

Originally Posted by Dauntless Brent (Post 1071975)
Hey Richman7777. I have a Ranger R29. Wanna race? "I'd take her anywhere", You, would be showing up a week later. The only thing that's "laughable" is your opinion.

You are entitled to laugh -- sans daunt -- after... you have re-glassed all the tabbing under your forward berth in the R-29. Common weakness, but easily fixed.
That's a Mull design and it's a Very good sailing boat. I used to race on one and had some memorable offshore deliveries on that boat. Great fun to sail, albeit less fun to spend a week cruising on. I do not believe that Mr Mull cared much about studying galley design. :rolleyes:

As for Dissing the Ray Richards-designed Ranger 24, you need to slow down on the dissing. No one's gonna make fun of the great Mull Ranger Yacht design family (23,26, 29, 33). Try not to be so competitive...

The OP is mistaken about the layup, BTW, but in fact the R-24 is also a well-engineered hull. Unlike the low sill on the R-26 cabin entry the R-24 has a full height bridge deck with the traveler and primary winches ideally located. Nice Safe(!) setup for rough seas.

Different design briefs, and different customers...
Both excellent for their intended market, just not the same market.


Dauntless Brent 08-10-2013 01:47 PM

Re: Ranger 24?
Ok, Olson34. I will retract what I said. I haven't had any issues with my boat, however I have heard about the Ranger R29 having an issue with the wood block under the compression post. I know that they are not perfect, I just love my Gary Mull boat. It's perfect for me. Also, you are correct about the galley design :confused:. As a live aboard on an R29, I can say it is the only real shortcoming of the boat.

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