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RunawaySkeleton 12-22-2006 10:27 PM

Rigs for offshore singlehanded sailing.
Hey guys I have a question about what rig most of you guys prefer. I looked at a 30ft Cape Dory Ketch last weekend and I really loved it. I haven't had a chance to sail it yet but depending on your feedback I may set up a day. Is a ketch to much for someone to singlehand? What are the benefits and drawbacks to this rig? I have also seen Cape Dorys on Yachtworld that were Sloop and Cutter rigs. So what do you prefer and recommend for singlehanded sailing?

sailingdog 12-22-2006 11:11 PM

A lot of people prefer ketches as a rig for single handing, as the maximum sail size is a bit smaller, and it is often easier to balance the sail plan, once you know what you're doing. Sloops used to be very difficult to singlehand, when compared to yawls and ketches, as the size of the sails was larger. This all changed with the advent of roller furling, better winches, self-tailing winches, modern synthetic lines and sail materials... etc.

camaraderie 12-22-2006 11:42 PM

In a 30 footer...there is not much point in having another sail to deal with despite my love for ketches. In the Cape Dory...I think the cutter rig with self tending staysail makes a lot of sense for a single hander. Great boats!

mike dryver 12-27-2006 06:52 PM

the ketch rig allows you to use jig and jigger (fore sail and aft sail) only if you so desire this sail combo balances the boat quite well as the wind pipes up. the draw back is that the main will take the steam out of the mizzen in up wind conditions. it allows more sail combos but at the cost of more sails and a mast and rigging.

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