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svs3 12-30-2006 01:31 PM

A30 vs. Vega vs. Triton
Hi All,

I am for the first time seriously thinking about buying my own boat. In the past I have satisfied my sailing itch by sailing others boats ... that is begining to change. I have very little money for the initial purchase ... at the most $20,000 ... less that $15,000 would even better.

My basic requirements are cheap (in price not quality), proven bluewater capabilities, active owners groups (ie fair amount of "communal" knowledge to aid in upgrades and known problems and solutions), small enough to single hand yet large enough to coastal cruise with wife and daughter, small to keep slip fees and maintenance cost to a minimum, high quality initial build. I am very handy and usually not frightened the need for a little work (ie I could do the work required to deal with the mast compression issues that have been known to occur in the A30 and Vega). I am pretty sure I don't want a wood boat. I want, for the most part, to stay clear of home built boats (can you say Bruce Roberts kit boats). I realize that this limits my choices fairly old boats.

To that end my short is:
Alberg 30
Albin Vega
Pearson Triton

I have sailed on two A30 although in mild conditions, seen and been aboard a Vega, seen but never aboard a Triton. I have been subscribed to both the A30 and Vega mailing lists for a couple years. Read everything I can find on the boats (PS Boat Buying Guide, Vigor's 20 Small Sailboat, John Neal, even recently brought Yves Gelinas dvd With Jean-du-Sud,, etc).

I am currently leaning towards the A30.

Any and all comments and insights anyone has on any of these boats, these boats compared to one another, any other boats I should consider, whatever would VERY GREATLY appreciatated.

Thanks a ton (make that a long tonne ;) ),

Tartan34C 12-30-2006 01:52 PM

I have a fondness for Alberg designed boats. I sailed a 22’ Sea Sprite solo to England in 1974 and that is an Alberg design. I also sailed a 27’ Vega to England a few years after that. The Vega has less room then the Alberg 30 and the Alberg 30 has more owner support in the US then the Vega. The Triton of course has less room then the Alberg 30 so does this mean the Alberg 30 would be the best choice. I have sailed all three and they are all easy to single-hand and all are more then capable of doing trans-ocean sailing with proper preparation.

You won’t go wrong with any of the three if they are in good condition but the 30 has the best support and is the fastest and roomiest of the three. It would be my choice under the circumstances.
All the best,
Robert Gainer

Kalmia41 12-30-2006 02:16 PM

I would go for the alberg or the triton, because they are superior in terms of quality, and they are simply better to look at. You can also find them for fairly cheap. Good Luck

svs3 01-01-2007 05:51 PM

bump ... ;) :rolleyes: ;) :rolleyes:

on one else has any input???

Darn it,

deckhanddave 01-02-2007 01:52 AM

If you like it, go with it. In your case, go with the A30.

vega1860 01-03-2007 08:35 PM

All three are good boats, to be sure. My personal preference, however, is for the Vega. I'll have to see what the owner support for the A30 is like in the US.

Chuck Rose

greencaptn 01-04-2007 12:03 AM

Is the Alberg 30 really the fastest of the three? Someone wrote this but I was under the impression that the more recently designed vega with a longer LWL (23'2" vs. the Alberg's 21'8") was faster. I understand that in heavy winds the Alberg will heel and the waterline will lengthen b/c of the overhangs but didn't the Vega hold the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing at one point. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

sailingdog 01-07-2007 09:11 AM

All three are very solid boats. The A30 probably has the most active user/owners group, although the Triton is not far behind. I would pick either of these over the Vega, which is far less well known in many ways. I would also recommend that you save a portion of your budget for refitting/repairing/upgrading whatever boat you buy. Unlike cars, most boats generally need to have some work done to them to make them really workable for the way each person intends to sail them.

svs3 01-08-2007 10:25 PM

Yea, I read that to that the Vega at one time held a class record for an Atlantic crossing but I'm sure it has long since been eclipsed. I wonder what class it was?

In the next month or so I plan on going and looking at an A30 the broker described to me as a "project boat" so we'll see, I guess.


scurvy 07-20-2007 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by Kalmia41 (Post 100226)
I would go for the alberg or the triton, because they are superior in terms of quality, and they are simply better to look at. You can also find them for fairly cheap. Good Luck

Can't agree with this statement! Not sure where Kalmia is coming from in terms of superior quality? Scandivavian quality has always been in the forefront of boat design and construction. No question the Albergs have it over the Vegas in the beauty of classic design, but looks won't help you in a serious blow!

We considered the Triton and the Alberg 30'. We looked for two years and couldn't find any with dry decks. The ones that we did find, had been completely recored and were waaaay out of our price range. The Vega has sailed across oceans and once held the speed record in circumnavigation, does not blister, is balanced, good motion, dry as a bone, extremely well built, and dependable when the weather goes south.

Depending on your money situation, you can't go wrong with any of these boats. They have all stood the test of time and will get you there safely. Don't rule out the Vega because of an uninformed statement like the one above! She has been the best bang for our buck hands down!

This one just finished a circumnavigation:

My 2 cents!

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