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dandebruin 12-09-2001 09:42 AM

What about for $30,000 or less
For those of us who are finacially challeged and have a limited budget, $25-30K, main object of sailing in the Great Lakes and maybe some coastal cruising down the East coast. Wife as primary crew and safety, at least good performance and cruising comfort as priorities in that order. Any suggestions? I know denr will say anyting other than a benahuntalina and that is fine but what are some good options? Thanks for your help.

Dr. Kirk 12-09-2001 04:27 PM

What about for $30,000 or less
What about a used Nor''Sea 27?... They are extremely solid and have a great motion in a seaway. Easily handled by 2 people and are trailerable!

kimberlite 12-09-2001 06:02 PM

What about for $30,000 or less
i would suggest a tartan-30.
i owned on.
great boat.

Jeff_H 12-10-2001 03:28 AM

What about for $30,000 or less
There are a lot of good boast out there under $30K. The key is to figure out where you are going to sail, what your abilities are and what your real needs and wants will be. Different sailing venues favor different types of boats. Boats below mostly leab toward good performance, reasonable accomodations and construction suitable for coastal cruising: (These should all be under $30K, most have inboards which I think is preferable for cruising.)

-Albin Ballad (30 feet (1973-1978) $12-20K)
These are reasonably fast and very well built and finished boats. They are not especially roomy but are good boats for short handing. They are beautiful looking boats. Most have a Volvo 10 hp diesel.

Albin Cumulus (28 feet-(early 1980''s) $15-18K)
These fractional rigged sloops would be a ideal first boat. They are reasonably fast (although 60 sec''s a mile slower than my Laser 28) and easy to handle. They are nicely finished and typically have diesels. The interiors on these boats are not exactly plush but is reasonable for the kind of stuff we do on the Chesapeake.

Beneteau First 30 or 30E (30 feet (early 1980''s) $18-22K)
Fairly modern design that should sail reasonably well. Not the most solid boats but fine for around the Chesapeake or Long Island Sound. They had diesels and pretty good hardware. The 30E might be a fractional rig, I don''t recall.

-C&C 26

-C&C Corvette (31 feet (1967- 1970) $15-22K) and -C&C Redwing (30 footer ( 1965-1970) $12K- 20K)
Attractive and reasonably venerable designs; they are not especially fast but OK for the era. The Corvettes are moderately long keel/ centerboard boats and so are great for poking around the shallower areas of the Bay. The Redwings are fin keel/space rudder boats. They are really not competitive racers any longer.

Cal 2-30 and Cal 2-29''s (just under 30 feet (mid 1960-early 1970''s) $10-18K)
These are reasonably built racer cruisers that have reasonable accommodations and pretty fair sailing ability. Like the Cal 25, the design is a dated and if the gear has not been updated will be less convenient than a more modern design.

Catalina 27''s

Dehler 31 (31 feet (Mid to late 1980''s) under $20K to mid-20K range)
These are really neat little boats. They are not as fast as my Laser 28, for example, but are quite fast and look easy to sail and single-hand. They are fractional rigged and have a very nice interior plan. They would one of my favorites on this list for a first boat that can be both cruised and raced.

Dufour 2800 (28 feet (mid 1980''s) mid $20K)
These are OK boats with a big following. They are not my favorite but they would not be a bad boat if the price were right.

Irwin Competition 30 (30 feet(mid 1970''s) $12-16K)
These were well rounded little boats that sailed well and had reasonably nice interiors. There was one that dominated its class in PHRF for years. Irwin''s were not the most solidly built boats and so you are looking for a well maintained example in reasonably good shape.

MG27 (27 foot (Mid 1980''s) under $20K)
Nice little fractional rigged English boats. They seem to be well mannered and have an interior layout similar to my Laser 28. They have a diesel aux. But tiny tanks that will need to get upgraded.

Oday 28 & 30 (28 feet and 30 feet(late 1970''s and early 1980''s) $12-20K)
These were not the best built boats or the fastest boats in their day but are common and sail reasonably well.

1970''s vintage Tartan 30''s, (30 feet( 1970''s) under $20K)
These are my favorite masthead sloops of that era. They are good all around boats. Most still atomic 4''s but you can find them with diesels.

Tartan 26''s

Late 70''s/ early 80''s Hunter 30''s, (30feet (15-20K)
These are under appreciated boats. We have had two in my family and again it is a matter of finding one that has been upgraded and is in good clean shape. My Dad raced his in PHRF and went for a couple years without finishing lower than a first or second. They are roomy and surprisingly fast.

70''s vintage Pearson 30''s (Not Flyers)
These are very venerable racer/cruisers on the Chesapeake. They have an active one-design class and are also good boats for cruising the Bay. Of course they come in all kinds of condition from really well maintained and up graded with good racing hardware and a diesel engine to stripped and trashed. You can buy them from under $10K (but you would not want any in that price range) to something approaching $20K. You should find good boats in the high teens.

Ranger 29 (29 (early 1970''s) 10-18K)
These are good sailing and nice cruising little boats. They should be adequate for club racing and are certainly good boats. They were not the best built boats and so you should be looking for a clean and updated version. Still they offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Wylie 28 and Wylie 30 (28 and 30 respectively(late 1970''s to early 1980''s) 10-15K)
These are neat little boats that sail well and are really pretty interesting. The few that I have seen have good hardware and have had simple but workable interiors. They came in fractional and masthead rig versions. There was a masthead version that did quite well on the Bay. There was a one design version called a Hawkfarm but they never caught on the Chesapeake but are still raced in S.F. Bay.

If you want something that is more of a performance boat than cruiser, you might look at :
Kirby 30''s
Laser 28''s
Shockwave (also called Schockwave 30, or Wavelength 30 )
S2 9.1''s

If you want some thing more traditional:
Alberg 30''s
C&C Redwings and Corvettes
Pearson 35''s, Coasters, and Wanderer''s
Chesapeake 32''s and Vanguards

Now you will find that more traditional boats have less room and will have older equipment but they should cost less money and for some applications may be better (albeit slower and wetter) sailing boats than some of the newer boats on the market today.


Denr 12-10-2001 04:47 AM

What about for $30,000 or less
I am not going to say "anything but a Benehuntalina" you have already said it for me, thank you.

dandebruin 12-10-2001 04:57 AM

What about for $30,000 or less
Jeff, you did not mention anything about the Sabre''s. What is your opinion of them in this catagory?



Jeff_H 12-10-2001 01:54 PM

What about for $30,000 or less
Goooood Point! I have always like Sabres. In general they seem to be well built and offer good performance for what they are. A Sabre for under $30K would probably be a early 1980''s or late 1970''s 28. This was pretty early in Sabre''s history and so the interior finish level was not as nice as the later boats. Still these were really nice boats for the era.


JWag 12-10-2001 03:18 PM

What about for $30,000 or less
If you can, I would push the $30k envelope and look at the following: 1983/84 C&C 29, 1983/84 S2 9.2 (cruising version of 9.1), early 1983 Tartan 3000, 1982 Sabre 28. Or (brace yourself Denr), how about a 1986/87 Beneteau First 285 or 1985 First 305? Nah, who would want a lively and liveable boat with good hardware, all veneer interior and a full aft stateroom anyway?

Denr 12-11-2001 07:23 AM

What about for $30,000 or less
Inasmuch as it is the holiday season and I feel very generous, your last recommendation will stand without criticism or scrutiny. It is possible that a 30 foot boat has a full aft stateroom? This boat must have a lot of free board if this is true.
I do like the other recommendations you made however, nice call.

JWag 12-11-2001 09:01 PM

What about for $30,000 or less
Hat''s off to you for to you for your holiday spirit. I knew a fellow Lake Michigan sailor would have it in him. Hope Santa is good to you and just think, only 130 days or so until launch.

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