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greencaptn 01-31-2007 02:08 AM

Alberg 30; horsepower?
I'm in the market for a small sailboat to liveaboard as i'm just out of college and have a little money saved up. I like the Alberg 30's and the Albin Vega. The Vega appeals to me b/c they generally have 10 or 12 horsepower engines as opposed to 25 or 30 horsepower that I generally see in the Albergs. I prefer the Albergs lines/looks which probably counts more than it should for me but like the idea of 10 horsepower fuel economy. What would be the result of an Alberg 30 with a 10 horsepower diesel. Is this underpowering the boat and if so what are the consequences? Thanks--Richard.

Tabris 01-31-2007 03:49 AM

In the days of the Alberg 30 the engine was an auxillary basicly to get you in and out of port. It is afterall a sailboat . 10hp is enough if you plan to sail. By modern standards it is underpowering but way too many sailors now no longer pull up the sail they just use their engines . I know of a couple who sailed the world on their Alberg 30 with no engine but thats taking it to the extream. There is no real underpowering in a "sail" boat. A smaller engine will mean you have to depend on your skills as a sailor and you will not motor as fast. Have a look at Ericson 29's and 32's as an inexpensive liveaboard and a well made boat as well.

Best of luck in your search

Gary M 01-31-2007 07:47 AM

Most small diesels are either one or two cylinders. A single will provide about 8-10 HP and a twin some where betwen 13 and 18. You want a twin in a 30 footer. With a single you may not be able to get up to hull speed in flat water. If you need to motor into a bit of a sea expect to do about 3 knots.

If you are going to change out the old A4 make it worth while. A twin diesel will give you very good mileage much better that the gas engine.


sailingdog 01-31-2007 10:25 AM

You'd be surprised at how fuel efficient the diesel engines in an Alberg 30 are. I doubt that they use much more than .5 gallons an hour. The Alberg 30 is almost 80% heavier in displacement than the Albin Vega... so the engine size difference isn't really all that surprising. Also,given the displacement and full keel, you probably will want the additional horsepower, especially if you ever need to motor against tide and wind to get off a lee shore or into a harbor.

As a liveaboard, the Alberg 30 is probably a much better boat than the Albin Vega. Several families (couples with a small child) have lived aboard the Alberg 30.

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