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Filmsomething 02-06-2007 11:04 AM

Larger Trailerable?
Well let me first start out saying this will be my 5th boat in around 5-6 years. I started on a Sunfish (11'), then a Force 5 (13'), wanted to be able to take more people out so I found a Capri 16.5 on a good price, then I wanted to make the step into an over nighter so my father and I went in on a Precision 21 (he didn't want anything larger at the time).

Which brings me to now, I would like to go larger. Here are my requirements

Trailerable (easily)
I have a Jeep Cherokee that is rated at 5000#/500# tounge weight
Sleep atleast two comfortably
under 4' draft (prefer under 3')
parts easy(er) to find
I DO NOT want a swing keel or water balast
prefer under 15k

The requirements are pretty easy I think, here is what I want to do with the boat. I have been really wanting to go up to Lake Erie and sail around, I also would like to eventually make it to the east coast and to a 7 day trip down it. It would usually be only two if staying over night but it could be as many as 4 on the weekend. I would like the cockpit to be able to seat 4-6 comfortably. Tiller or wheel it doesn't really matter to me. This wont be a racer, just a weekend cruiser. I think what I'm looking for is something 24-28' long. I found several that I like but usually they dont seem to be durable enough for me or they are just way to heavy for me to tow.

I'm looking at getting this at the begining of the summer probably, I'll throw my 21 in the water for a little bit and just pull it when I get rid of it. So throw me some ideas if you have any. I would prefer to stay in the 80's or newer, I don't mind doing work on a boat as long as it's cosmetic. I don't want to have to rip it apart because it leaks though. Electrical and paint are easy things to take care of.


edit- what if weight wasn't an issue, as long as it sits low on the trailer

SailinJay 02-06-2007 11:26 AM

The Catalina 250 wing keel version fits most of your requirements, except for the head (it has a porta potty). Draft is 3 feet 5 inches. lists a 1997 model in Rhode Island for $14,500, but most of the 1990s versions are listed between $16,000 and $22,500.

Cruisingdad 02-06-2007 11:29 AM

You know Jon, I cannot remember how much it weighs, but you may consider a Catalina 250. I owned one and they sail fine. The have a little galley, head, and sleeping for two is not a problem. You won't like pulling it, but unfortunately, I think you will be faced with that no matter what boat you get in that range.

The 250 rigs up pretty quickly and is a nice boat. PM me if you would like any specifics. I think you can get it for 15k or less (used, of course).

- CD

Cruisingdad 02-06-2007 11:42 AM


I guess we were typing at the same time. After a careful review of your very well thought out response, I must admit that you have excellent recommendations and are obviously very knolwedgeable. It is a pleasure to have such an outstanding and educated sailor on this board. (smile)

- CD

Filmsomething 02-06-2007 12:20 PM

I was looking at the 250 and the 26, I also like the pearson 27. I will look a little more into the 250. In all reality I could sale my jeep and buy a bigger truck but I like the jeep so who knows.

Cruisingdad 02-06-2007 12:43 PM


The problem with any vehicle is the tail wagging the dog. It will become a pain, my opinion. Ever thought of just storing the trailer and putting it in a marina? You would use it more. Just my opinions though. You obviously have owned more trailerables than I have and may know better.

- CD

Filmsomething 02-06-2007 01:41 PM

I keep it in a slip so that isn't a problem, the thing is I want to be able to take this to different lakes at least once a year. The tail wagging usually isn't an issue, I have towed lots of different things so I know how to keep a trailer in good shape and how to drive. The problem with the weight is that my transmission wont hold up to much more then that, and the last thing I want to happen is to break down towing a boat when I'm 6 hours from home

Filmsomething 02-06-2007 02:41 PM
This is the place I deal with usually to buy my boats. Any of these seem decent? I like the seaward although it is a little small.

SailinJay 02-06-2007 04:27 PM

Thanks, CD. We Catalina owners need to stick together!!

Cruisingdad 02-06-2007 05:10 PM

Sorry Film, been out a bit,

I do not know anything about that site. Yachtworld is a good choice, r just start going to your Catalina dealers and buy directly from them. If you get a list of the dealers and just start calling, I bet you can find a great deal. Lots of boat shows going on and these dealers typicalls do not like holding on to their trade-in boats for long at all. Most people buy a 250 not to trailer but because it is a good entry-level boat and will trade it up. Thus, you may be able to find some great deals. Since you are going to tow it anyways, I would just start scowering the countryside to find the best deal. Find one close to home, all the better.

There is the Catalina web site. Take a gander at the pictures. Any specific questions, write back or PM me.

Fair winds and good hunting...

- CD

PS When I say call the dealers, I mean for a used 250... not for a new one. New one is in the 30s.

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