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stlcat22 02-09-2007 08:24 AM

Any info on Jeanneau Sun Shine?
I've been looking for info on a 36 foot Jeanneau Sun Shine built in the mid 80s but not having a lot of luck finding anything with google. Any info that someone could share would be appreciated. Are there any boats that are similar to this one? If it matters, I'm looking for a coastal cruiser with at least decent speed.

camaraderie 02-09-2007 11:36 AM

Here's a link to the original product brochure available with a lot more other info on the main site.

Chuteman 02-09-2007 12:46 PM

Sunshine for You
Yachtworld has a bunch listed................
Here's a sample listing

blt2ski 02-12-2007 11:58 PM

While I do not have a sunshine, I do own an 85 Arcadia 30, also a tony castro design built by Jeanneau. The look of the sunshine is similar to my Arcadia.

What I have found speed wise, slower than say a J30 for me, probably a J37 for you by about 20-25secs a mile in PHRF ratings, but when compared to a Catilina 30 or 36, about 40 or so secs faster. So speed wise, you will not be the fastest, but you definetly would NOT be the slowest fin keel built boat of the late 70's to early 90s built boats. I would figure 25-35% of the boats will be faster, 65-75% slower. Faster besides Jboats, would be the Ontario Canada built C&C's of old among others, slower Catalina, Cal, Islander, Newport, Benateaus cruising version, equal to a skoosh slower is the Benateau first series. As a comparison, my Arcadia locally is rated equal to a Cat and Islander 36's.

Nice design features include side shrouds hugging the cabin top for tight pointing angles. There are very few boats locally that can out point me. Cockpit mounted traveler for better control of the main, along with an adjustible backstay which was rather unheard of for stock boats at the time. Now adjustible backstays are std on most boats. Jeanneaus at the time were a bit on the front edge for introducing new features.

Build quality, better than most, not as good as say a J boat, C&C;s , but better than Catalina, Hunter and Benateau, on par with Erickson or Islander. Currently Jeanneaus are part of Group Benateau, the Benateaus are teh entry level, Jeanneau a step up, with Waquiez being anther step up yet, and one other higher yet, but I can not remember the brand.

My rig is a bit soft with winds, with 15knt winds, a main and 110 or the stock 140 and reefed main is in order with say a couple sailing her. With a race crew and a few folks on the rail, a bit more sail will work. The winches like a lot of boats of this nature, are ok for myself, my wife and 19 yr old daughter find them to be one size small. IE Genoa winches are nontailing 40's, ST 44's would be better or probably a ST40 would make it easier. The cabin winches are a dual 16 port and a single 15 starboard, with the 110 coming here, it would be nice to have 24's in my case.

Watch out for the headliner. I know of 4 arcadias from that era, ALL have had replacements done. The foam backed vinyl will come down if it has not already. Costly to fix, I was quoted 5-7000 locally here in seattle. I did it myself for about $1000 and 40-50 hrs of time. The Jeanneau owners site has pics and a description of what I did.

Hope some of this helps.

stlcat22 02-18-2007 08:10 AM

Sorry about the delay in replying. I was off taking a liveaboard sailing course.

As it turns out, I had found the brochure already and had used yachtworld to find the boat I saw in person in the first place. What I was looking for was opinions like blt2ski provided. Obviously I should have been more specific. And thanks to those who took the time to help.

One thing is that the specific boat I looked at had 2 aft cabins in a 36 foot boat. After spending some time thinking about it, it seems likely that it was intended (and probably used?) for charter. Do you guys think that that assumption is warrented?

Waymar83 02-18-2007 08:41 AM

I own an Attalia from '83. I also try and get my hands on anything Jeanneau (and in my case the Attalia) including the Jeanneau owners network.

We've owned Waymar since 2003. - No complaints so far - well built and well thought out (especially for the time). She is the first "non-daysailer" we've owned so I cannot compare boat ownership issues.

On the issue of charter etc., other more experienced sailors will have to weigh in with advice but I'm sure they will mention a professional and extensive survey. You will of course ask the current owner what the history of ownership was but take that for what it's worth....

blt2ski 02-19-2007 02:02 PM

I would not say that just because it is a 3 cabin arraingment, it started in the chater business. Being as the Jeanneaus of this era were race cruise oriented, it may have been a person that raced bought it, this way for crew sleeping qtrs of larger crews.

Or a larger family bought this to sleep the family.

Unless you can get a list of whom has owned teh boat from the get go, there is no reliable way IMHO to say it was or was not a charter boat at one time.

Looking at yachtworld, there are two in the US, one in florida a true 36, then one here in Seattle that is the stretch 38' version. Are you looking at one of these, or a european model?

After twenty years, if it was chartered teh first say 3-5 yrs, the last 15 could have been worst on the boat than the charter part too. Some local Arcadias that have been raced hard, two that I know of, have had to have the cabin top where the mast is mounted rebuilt due to race stress of the deck mounted mast. My rig being the original owner that cruised mostly, seems to be fine. Then in vancouver BC, an arcadia was listed as #4 of the top 10 sailboats in that region. One fo the two locally has won its division of Swiftshure two yrs in a row, an ocean race from Victoria to the swiftsure bouy at the mouth of the straghts of juan de fuca. So these boats are not slow when in the hands of a compitant crew.

I would think the boat, assuming it is sound, would make a fast comfortible cruiser. I have to admit, a Tarten would be my first choice.......but I do like my Jeanneau.


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