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l1031 12-30-2001 07:19 PM

US Yachts - 27'''' - 1982
We are thinking of buying a 1982 US Yachts - 27 footer as our first sailboat. I have done a lot of "looking" on the internet for information, but have not been able to find information on that particular year. I know the Buccaneer series were built in the 1970''s, but when I read descriptions about them, they do not match up to the boat we are looking at. Does anyone have any information on US Yachts - 1982? The asking price is $9,900 and the boat looks to be in great shape (so far!)
Thanks for any info!

jharrison 01-01-2002 06:07 PM

US Yachts - 27'''' - 1982
I am no expert on the subject, but I was looking at a US Yacht boat once. The guy told me that Pearson bought out the remaining US yacht hulls when the company went under in the early eighties. Hope that helps.

newuser 01-03-2002 09:35 AM

US Yachts - 27'''' - 1982
I co-owned a US 27 with my brother for quite a few years. Generally they are a good boat. The windows tend to leak, but are easily sealed. We found the construction to be better than anticipated.
As to sailing ability. The boat sails beautifully. We had her on Lake Erie for over 3 years and sailed in some very rough conditions. We had no trouble when other boats were being damaged due to the conditions. The boat points higher than most and sails with a very light helm. The bad rep Bayliner had due to the Buccaneer line unfortunately followed undeservingly to the US Yacht line. In my opinion they are much better built than the Hunters of the time, equal to the Catalinas. If you can get one for a descent price get one.

One thing, the cockpit is a little small, but because of this they have the best interior rivaling most boats up to 32'' long.

By the way I currently sail a US 21.

Pearson did build exactly the same boat for 1 year, identical down the fabric used in the iterior. Here is a URL for the Pearson version.

donsad1 01-13-2002 06:52 AM

US Yachts - 27'''' - 1982
I owned and sailed a US27 for 10 years on the Chesapeake. If you want to email me for more info feel free 7.5 Volvo Penta has sail drive performed well, parts should still be available. I didnt care for the water pump impeller being in the lower unit. I changed the impeller every second year, just to be sure. Would have to pull boat if the waterpump went out during season.

gkesti 05-02-2007 12:45 PM

I have a US27, Love the boat, currently upgrading the interior, Put in new stove and replaced all the cabin lights with upgraded fixtures. the US27 is my 4th boat and I really like it, Lots of room for a 27, lots of old school wood in the cabin.

With a hand laid hull it is pretty strong, but like all US Yachts I have been challenged with window leaks.

The aux power is a 8hp Honda outboard.

By all respects it is a fun boat to sail and given proper care it should last a good long time.

As I recall the US27 was only in production for about 3 years.


sailingdog 05-03-2007 12:02 AM


Are you aware that you're replying to a thread that was dead and hasn't seen any activity in over five years. Please don't un-earth dead threads.

joekrish 05-25-2007 07:49 PM

Looking at a us27 also...
Anyone have an opinion about the US yacht 27 footers....I'm looking at one also...

GSwanson 09-23-2009 12:30 AM

I have owned a US Yacht 33 for the lats 4 years and love it. I was looking for a Catalina 30 when I came across my 33. Very roomy interior and sails great and is much better equipped than the Catalina 30s I saw.
I am currently looking for a mast and boom for my 33. Does anyone know where I might find these?

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