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chrisMiller 02-17-2007 10:30 PM

first time buyer
I am a first time buyer..(Still resurching) I have sean a ad for a 1980 S2 7.3 with a omc sail drive inboard motor. in the ad the owner states a 2'10" draft. but in all the ads I have looked at the S2 7.3 boats are listed with a 4' draft. So my question is was their two (2) versions of this boat made? I need a boat that can go i very shallow water do to many sand barges here. I also would like to be able to pull up close to the many islands we have here in Florida to anker and go swimming so a shallow draft is important. my second question is the 15 hp OMC sail drive motor. are they easy to take out and replace with a outboard engine. I realize this motor is 27 years old so I do not know if it will give out or what their life expetancy is. Please help is you can answer any of these questions or in you have any input on this boat.

camaraderie 02-18-2007 10:50 AM

The S2 7.3 came in both a deep draft and shoal draft version. Here are complete specs.

L.O.A. 23'10" 7.26m
D.W.L. 18'6" 5.63m
Beam 8'0" 2.43m
Draft Deep 4'0" 1.21m
Draft Shoal 3'0" .91m
Displacement 3250 lbs. 1474.17kg
Ballast 1300 lbs. 589.67kg
Sail Area 255 sq. ft 23.68kg
Mast Ht. above D.W.L. 31'8" 9.64m
Headroom 5'0" 1.52m
Berths 4
Cockpit Length 6'11" 2.08m

PRODUCTION 1978-1987 - 404 Hulls

The OMC sail drive IS problematic....but many had outboards which
would seem to be the best solution for your use. The OMC will be
expensive to take out and replace or seal up so I would suggest you look for a model
which has an outboard since the work will cost a good part of the value of the boat.

Faster 02-18-2007 12:08 PM

S2 also made a 7.9 (?), I believe, which had a lifting daggerboard which would also satisfy your draft requirements. It's had success in local PHRF racing as well.

Second Cam's issues with the OMC - they are mostly deadweight or drag on many boats as they have been converted to outboards, and in many cases the cost of modifications results in at least the saildrive leg being left in place. It is possible to remove the powerhead with the boat in the water.

sailingdog 02-18-2007 02:20 PM

If you're looking for very shallow draft also might look at a multihull... good sailing performance, at least in the trimarans, with drafts of as little as 12-18".

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