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esettle 01-04-2002 04:30 PM

Boats outside of USA
I keep searching boats and find the pricing lower outside the USA. Does aqnyone know the additional cost of bring a boat into the US. I like a boat in the Caribbean with EU taxes paid. How much would it cost me to document the boat say in Florida?

paulk 01-05-2002 01:20 PM

Boats outside of USA
Pricing differentials may have something to do with the economies of various places tied heavily to tourism and with strength of the US dollar compared to other currencies.

a95993 01-09-2002 07:23 PM

Boats outside of USA
I am considering buying a former charter boat. In discussing the transportation, I was informed that a boat can be sailed from Martinique to Miami for about $1,500.00 USD. Once on a trailer, it costs about $2.00 per mile. You must add the derigging and rigging to set her up again.

Jeff_H 01-10-2002 03:34 AM

Boats outside of USA
You also need to add import duty, sales tax, and an insurance rider to cover the boat during delivery. You may have to add an additional survey or fly an American Surveyor to do the survey because some insurance companies will not consider an offshore survey as valid.

Most charter boats are not set up for the kind of long offshore passages that a delivery skipper would generally make and so you will have to prepare the boat to make the trip. We looked into buying a boat that actually was set up for offshore work but stilll needed a lot of odds and ends to be fit for a delivery(lube winches, replace two worn halyards, change engine fluids, put spare parts aboard, clean the bottom, replace a few hoses,lube seacocks and put plugs aboard at each location and so on). Trying to make those upgrades and having a yard do these basic items for a boat that was in St. Maarten, we concluded that it was actually less expensive to load the boat on a ship (at approximately twice the price of delivery on her own bottom).

Based on trucking costs that I got last summer, for a 38 footer, $2.00 sounds about right for a boat under 12 feet of beam. Boats over 12 feet of beam require a "wide load vehicle" which adds something like $1.00 per mile to shipping costs.


doubleplay 01-10-2002 03:02 PM

Boats outside of USA
If anybody planning to buy a boat outside the US, he should also look at the new(not used because most owners trying to get back a part of the VAT that they paid which is %16) boats in Europe.Almost all the big manufacturers have dealers here but if you are willing to do your homework you can buy the boat ex-factory in Europe and can save BIG...
Unfortunately we are paying at least %35 more because of the huge mark-ups by the US dealers and manufacturers having seperate price lists for the USA...
Now,they will come up and say that they are providing you with the service,commissioning etc..but all those can be done in Europe and boats can be ship withouth touching the rigging on special cargo ships.Import tax is only %1.5 ......shipping for a 35-40 footer costs $12-15 K...
I dont want to name any manufacturer but I recently find out this for a 36 foot German made sailboat:
USA Base Price $150000.00
Europe base price Ex-Fac.$110.000
Do the math?
It is a known fact that American made quality sailboats(Sabre,Tartan,etc.)are expensive comparing to same quality European makes and obviously dealers are trying to match the prices once they are imported.
Of course sailing back would be the best and cheapest option if you have the time and expertise.
Fair Winds

sneedy 02-11-2002 08:05 AM

Boats outside of USA

I am in Spain right now and have found the new boats alot cheaper as well. I am considering buying one and shipping it back home.

Do you know if the EU countries actally rebate the entire VAT charge of 16%?

The import duty in the US is 1.5 %, but do you know if any there is any state sales tax that has to be paid when registering the boat under a US flag?

Happy Sailing


doubleplay 02-11-2002 04:22 PM

Boats outside of USA
As a Resident of Non EU Country(USA,Canada,etc,) if you buy a new boat you wont be charged the VAT anyway and you can keep the boat in EU waters up to 16 months..
IF you buy a used EU boat VAT is already paid by the first owner of the boat and you can not get anything back since you did not paid any VAT....
If you sail the boat outside the US waters under USA Flag you have to have Federal registration for all practical purposes.
If you import the Boat you pay %1.5 Import tax plus depending on which state you register, appropriate state taxes.
Good Luck..

bporter 02-11-2002 04:35 PM

Boats outside of USA
If you can find a way to register your boat in Rhode Island there is NO sales tax on boats here. In fact, whatever is on the initial invoice when you buy the boat is covered under that, so any equipment you buy when you buy the boat is tax free as well.

I''ve spoken with dealers around here who will buy your sails for you and bill you on pass through when they sell you the boat.

Registration for a 36-40 ft vessel is $250 for two years, whether it is CG documented or not.

sneedy 02-15-2002 12:38 AM

Boats outside of USA
Thanks alot for the tips......

MLynch357 03-18-2002 08:04 AM

Boats outside of USA
Hi, I am considering a Beneteau 351 out of the Caribbean and I have some concerns, based on one of the other messages about getting the boat ready to travel to the U.S. A delivery skipper will be needed for this and I don''t want to purchase the boat and have the delivery skipper show up and present a list of things that he demands be fixed before he ships the boat. I don''t want to get stuck making a bunch of repairs using paid labor in a foreign port while I''m in the states. Would it be possible to negotiate a deal where the sale of the boat is conditioned upon the boat''s being in ready condition for the delivery skipper without additional repair - and if there is additional repair, it''s at the seller''s expense? Thoughts?

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