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SEC 01-09-2002 03:14 PM

Beneteau vs Hunter
Trying to decide between a Beneteau 473 and a Hunter 460. Costal crusing with liveaboard reguarly for up to 3 weeks. I like the layout and storage space of the Hunter, but the standing riging and fit/finish win on the Beneteau. All comments appreciated.

Denr 01-10-2002 04:06 AM

Beneteau vs Hunter
Try opening up your scope of consideration. If it is a new boat you''re looking for, consider the Tartan, Dehler, J-Boat, or Sabre, you''ll be much happier with a boat that was meant to be sailed rather than motored and have picnics in the cockpits. Both of these boats come from the factory with fixed three blade props, does that tell you something about their intended use? Why are people drawn to such mediocre boats? Sorry sometimes the truth hurts.

SailorMitch 01-10-2002 04:26 AM

Beneteau vs Hunter
The boats Denr suggests also come at a much higher price than the Beneteaus or Hunters. As with all things related to boats and life, there are trade offs. Comparing Beneteaus, Hunters and Catalinas is a lot like comparing Fords to Chevy''s to Chryslers, not to get into this car comparison thing too much. If you want to step up to something of a higher quality, it will cost more $$$ whether it''s a boat or a car. Thing is, there are thousands of people out there sailing the "Benehunterlinas" who love their boats and would have nothing else. Those boats suit their needs and wallets, so who''s to criticize them? People even sail around the world in them (not that I would.)

As the saying goes, different strokes, etc.

In case anyone is wondering, I own a Pearson (now would that be more like a Buick, or .......does it really matter?)

Denr 01-10-2002 05:27 AM

Beneteau vs Hunter
It is unfortunate that Pearsons are no longer manufactured as they would be on the above list of boats to consider. That said I qualified my statement by asking the question whether it was a new boat that was to be purchased. The originator of this string did not specify his or her budget. Of course these boats are more money but you really get what you pay for in this case. I believe the exact quotation is "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten!

~ Leon M. Cautillo ~

SloopSailor 01-10-2002 05:27 AM

Beneteau vs Hunter
Personally for Costal cruising, between the two I would take the Bene. The Hunter with that no-backtay rig and small headsail making going down wind a bit tough. The boat also does not point very high. You are left with a boat that sails only really well in a narrow range of sail angle.

doubleplay 01-10-2002 02:09 PM

Beneteau vs Hunter
Both of the boats you are mentioning costs around $300000.00 each.
If you are willing to part that kind of money I would look at Sabre 402,Tartan 4000 or Dehler 41 Cruising, etc...
It does not matter what kind of sailing you will do, you will have a better return for your investment and a lot more fun sailing..
Good Luck

SEC 01-10-2002 03:59 PM

Beneteau vs Hunter
Thanks for everyone''s reply. To answer a couple of questions that were asked, price is DEFINITELY a consideration. Also, these are both new boats and range, completely fitted, in the $265-275 range. Space/layout are also a definite concern because if the sopuse is not happy, it will not get much time away from the dock. I filled my racing need in the 70''s, I now strictly cruise.

aasault 01-10-2002 04:42 PM

Beneteau vs Hunter
If I had that kind of dough (and wife), I wouldn''t bother with a beneteau or a hunter. I''d buy a nice power boat, park the old battle ax on the sundeck, and let her watch me cruise the harbor singlehanding my new J92. I think you can do both for $275,000!!!

SailorMitch 01-11-2002 03:57 AM

Beneteau vs Hunter

I feel your pain with the spouse who wants all the creature comforts. But for your budget range, you could definitely have a very nice, albeit much smaller, boat from Sabre, Tartan, J Boats, etc. for that same money. Of course, smaller boat overall translates into smaller creature comforts (less volume below). Only you and your wife can make that call.

I will give you my personal opinion to answer your original question of Beneteau vs. Hunter. The Beneteau has the edge in my book. It will sail better and probably is better constructed overall.

I admit to a bias against Hunters because the hull/deck joint with that huge rubber bumper is so inelegant, and the stern looks like it was designed with a chainsaw. I won''t even get into the "roll bar" on Hunters these days, although they are less obvious in stainless than when they were of FRP constuction.

Denr 01-11-2002 05:00 AM

Beneteau vs Hunter
SailorMitch, I like your reference of a roll bar on the Hunters. I always referred to them as picnic a basket handles, which is for the picnic tables in the cockpits. I cannot get past the BUTT UGLY design of all of the Hunters. I had a 28 footer next to me in the marina this year, even the novice people I took sailing with me commented just how bulbous and oddly proportioned it was. Hunter could do better with styling, Im not sure why they stick to the current design.

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