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ekhar 01-10-2002 04:08 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37
I''ll be looking at a fairly new Bavaria 37. Any one has any experience with this boat?


Jeff_H 01-12-2002 07:33 AM

opinions on Bavaria 37
I have crawled through one and looked pretty closely. In my book, they are clearly below the quality of a Hunter, or Beneteau. Bavaria has bought into computer controlled assembly and the like. This has brought costs down and quality up on the Beneteaus but does not appear to have produced a better boat in the Bavaria.


SailorMitch 01-12-2002 07:57 AM

opinions on Bavaria 37
I suggest posting your question on the Bavaria email list here on Sailnet. There are a couple of 37 owners on there who will respond.

My experience crawling around Bavarias differs from Jeff''s. I find them to be of better quality than the Benehunterlinas but maybe not by much. Every owner I''ve heard from, either in person or via the internet, loves their Bavaria. I met a family in Annapolis a year ago setting off on a 3 year cruise to they-didn''t-know where on a Bavaria Ocean 47. That guy loved the boat, and it looked fantastic from the poking around I did on it.

aasault 01-12-2002 12:41 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37
I would think the least objective review of any sailboat would be from current owners.

SailorMitch 01-12-2002 06:16 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37

I know what you mean, but I''d still rather ask an owner about a boat rather than someone who''s just poked around a boat at a boatshow. In my experience, most owners are pretty honest about their boats, however. And if you hang out on the email lists through time you''ll get a real good feel for what problems they have.

FWIW, the Bavaria list on Sailnet is pretty quiet, primarily because there are relatively few owners. But there are people on those lists from around the world, too. It''s still worth a try.

plehti 01-12-2002 08:31 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37
Bavarias are very popular charter boats in Europe - you''ll find them everywhere (bare boat or skippered). You''ll get the best understanding about the boat with taking a week in a Med with one...

aasault 01-14-2002 03:27 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37

You''re absolutely right. I posted in haste regarding sailboat reviews from owners. I found some owner reviews of my boat, some of which are painfully honest. Tough Love!!!


SailorMitch 01-14-2002 06:24 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37

No prob, and thanks for the email. It''s nice to be "right" every once in a while. (I''m married so it''s a new experience for me.) But I know what you were talking about, too. Some owners have a "halo" effect around their boats, not wanting to admit it sails like a garbage scow, and looks even worse. People have to weigh everything and then come to their own conclusion. But in general, I think most knowledgeable owners on here are pretty honest about the good and bad points of their boats. Not to repeat this phrase too much, but all boats are compromises and people have to understand that going in.

ldatsailnet 01-29-2002 07:05 AM

opinions on Bavaria 37

What is the title of your book you refer to in this post early on?


Jeff_H 01-29-2002 05:34 PM

opinions on Bavaria 37
I was using the expression ''in my book'' as a figure of speech meaning ''in my opinion''.


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