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craigyouse 01-11-2002 05:52 PM

The Perfect Pocket Yacht
I am trying to build a new website which will hopefully provide useful informatin to anyone wanting to buy or build a pocket yacht. If you would be willing to help (in any way)to create this site please contact me. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I have cut and pasted both the mission statement of the site and my request for help. (see below)

The Mission: Our mission is to help spread the joy of owning a yacht to those individuals that do not yet own one, and to enhance the safety and joy of owning a yacht for those individuals that already do.

The information provided on this website, has been placed here in order to assist potential buyers of small sailing yachts in making educated decisions about the type of boat they should buy.

Among other things, we will attempt to provide you with objective product reviews, written by the owners of various small yachts.

These reviews should prove helpful not only to potential buyers and yacht owners, but also to yacht designers and manufacturers as they consider which features and options to make available on the boats they design and build. Hopefully this will lead to the production of better boats, which in the long run, will lead to safer and more enjoyable sailing experiences for everyone.

Help Wanted

I have derived a great deal of joy from sailing my small pocket yacht. If you feel the same about your boat as I do, and you would like to help spread the "gospel" of small boat sailing, please contact me,Craig Youse, by E-mail. I will go out of my way to make sure you get credit for any contribution you are willing to make. To get an idea of what we are trying to accomplish here, please read our mission statement.

We are currently looking for people to help write (and edit) reviews and articles about: different keels types, different hull shapes, the advantages and disadvantages of a smaller boat, the relationships between weight, lentgth, & and how they effect speed, seaworthyness etc. However, any suggestions you might have about how to make this site better would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for any information that would be of use to either a potential buyer, a designer or a builder of a pocket yacht. If you would be willing to share a picture of your boat with a brief description of it, that would be great too. Also, if you already have a website that is related in any way to pocket yachts, please tell us about it. We''d love set up a link to your site.

-Craig Youse-

Jeff_H 01-12-2002 07:16 AM

The Perfect Pocket Yacht
I would be delighted to help and would be glad to let you use articles that I have written for other venues that might be applicable BUT you did not leave an email address in your request for info. Please email me.


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