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PeterWallington 03-14-2007 04:07 AM

New Farr 727
Hi all,

I am in the process of buying a Farr 727 that was built in 2003.

From what I've been told, the Farr 727 Association over here in Western Australia sold their molds to the guy I am buying the boat from. He had the hull/deck etc laid up by a guy who used to build Cole 32's. He then gave the molds away but believes that they have now been destroyed.

Apparently, the owner never got around to finishing the boat and has only sailed it a few times. It doesn't have any plumbing/electrics/cabinet work so will need to be finished off by yours truly. It does however have new standing/running rigging, a new main and #3 jib, and a new 5hp outboard.

I have looked over every inch of the boat and have had two people inspect it. One person said it needs too much work, and the other said it looks great, but I should remove all of the antifoul as it's too thick and 'paint hides a lot'.

The faults I've found are the cockpit sole seems to flex a bit, the fordeck to the port and starboard of the mast also flex a bit, and the gelcoat finish on the hull is rough. If I buy the boat I'll glass in stringers beneath the flexing bits but I don't know what to do with the gelcoat. The current owner says the finish is a direct result of the poor state of the mold when he built the boat.

I really like the look of this boat but don't want to get bitten in the A##!.

I would really appreciate any feedback on what faults to look for with this boat, particularly what could be hiding beneath the gelcoat (is 4 years long enough for osmosis?).

Also, I am getting this boat for $12,500.00 Aus.


Peter Wallington.

soul searcher 03-14-2007 11:43 AM

If the mold was in disrepair the boat could have much bigger problems than just a rough finnish. The whole thing could be out of true. LIke twisted or wider on one side than the other(measure fom the center of the keel out.)
It would worry me. but I'm a skeptic. and 12,000 seems like a lot for a 1972 desighn that is half finnished.

Jeff_H 03-14-2007 12:07 PM

I really love these boats (I have owned 28 foot and 38 foot versions of this basic design brief.) but I must say that these early Farr designs are very long in the tooth and frankly the newer designs offer a big jump in overall performance across a wider range of windspeeds. I am amazed that someone actually built one of these as late as 2003. I can only speculate that you must have had a one design class of these still racing them over there.

I am familiar with the Canadian version of the 727. They were very well built and I don't recall seeing any flexure anywhere in these boats. I did talk to a fellow who was restoring one here in the States and he ran into some problems with the bulkheads and mast step that resulted from water leakage at the shrouds. $12,000 AUS sounds reasonable based on my understanding of the high sales prices for boats in Australia vs US.

The interior layout was extremely simple on these boats, as you would imagine for a 23 foot boat. If I remember correctly the North American boats have two quarter berths aft, an ice box/stove module on one side near the bulkhead, a sink module on the other side near the bulkhead, and optional vee berth forward with a porta-potty under the hatch.

The way I look at boats like these, they make good daysailers and overnighters, one design racers and club level racers.


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