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gknopp 01-18-2002 12:22 PM

How to find a partner
Im beginning to think about buying a boat in Southern California. I live in the Phoenix area and am looking for a vehicle to find a potential partner. Im looking for cruising boats in the 34-37 ft range of good quality...perhaps a 5-10 year old boat of $100-175k. Where is the best place to seek a boat partner? I have a friend in San Francisco who has had a great result with a partnership. My issue is that I can only expect to use a boat 5-6 days a month so a local partner seems a good idea.

Jeff_H 01-18-2002 04:50 PM

How to find a partner
Partnerships are a very tricky business and boat partnerships make a marriage seem easy. My best advice is to pick someone that you have known at least 10 years, consider to be one of your best friends, have had several business deals and at least one that got a little dicey, who is at least as good a sailor as you are and who you have sen maintain a boat and taht this person is as fastidious as you or more, and who you would turn over your first born kid to. Then and only then, once you have found that person perhaps begin a dialogue with that person on the subject of a partnership.

Anything less, forget about it.


aasault 01-19-2002 09:30 AM

How to find a partner

I''m a 35 year coastal SoCal resident, and for what it''s worth ($0.00) I can offer this advice. If you can, choose San Diego. As you probably know, the airport is almost in the bay!! From the airport to my slip at Harbor Island is literally about 5 minutes. LAX to any slip is at least 30 minutes, but would usually be closer to an hour with any kind of traffic. If you''re driving from Phoenix, San Diego traffic is much easier to negotiate than the horrendous mess that the LA area has become. San Diego Bay is much more appealing to the eye than anythng LA has to offer. The only good thing about LA marinas is their proximity to Catalina. However, most people only make that trip once or twice a year, so the point is moot.

I don''t know your experience or expectations, but I would suggest starting out by renting boats by the day from a company like Harbor Sailboats, who are in my marina. That would get you sailing this weekend, and give you time so sort out the partnership thing. Harbor Sailboats has lots of nice boats. I think they have a couple of larger Beneteau''s and a Catalina 42, which would be great for a long weekend bumping around the bay. I played golf with a guy last week who swears by them. I think the rates are very reasonable, probably no more than a very nice hotel room. Nice facilities too. Check out their website. I don''t know the web address, but it''s easy to search.

I recently bought a 1985 Dehler Optima 101 (35'') which I keep in Harbor Island West Marina. I would consider a partnership on this boat, however, given your price range I don''t think it would meet your needs or expectations from a creature comfort point of view. It''s a great sailboat, but I really don''t have it set up for overnighting (nor do I intend to).

Lastly, I would consider a partnership in a more modern boat. Althought I think you''re a little out of my price range. My limit is probably $50,000 for my half. I only pay cash for toys, and would not consider a boat with any kind of loan on my part. I would not consider any kind of very slow, very heavy ketch, yawl, etc.. San Diego generally has light winds. There is nothing worse than motoring around San Diego bay in a slug while everyone else is sailing!!!

My crew is wife and daughters, so it''s a family affair. Due to business demands, my boat usage is about the same as yours, 2-4 days a month, if I''m lucky. Money is no object for proper maintenance. I would like a detailed partnership agreement prepared by an attorney.

If you want to discuss it further, my email address is


aasault 01-19-2002 09:50 AM

How to find a partner

I forgot to mention that I have a nice 2 br, 2 ba mobile home with a 1995 21'' Ski Supreme SkiBoat at Big Bend Resort on the Colorado River in Parker, AZ.. The house is very comfortable and the boat is tricked out for wakeboarding, and is in perfect condition. All you need to bring are swim trunks! I only use it about 5-6 times a year, so if you know anybody interesting in a partnership let me know. Somewhere around $20,000 for a 1/2 partneship. Half the space rent is $140.00 per month. Half misc. expenses is about $30.00 per month.


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