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saurav16 03-28-2007 02:19 PM

Cal 30 '68 vs Catalina 27 '79 comparison please give feedback
Hello all, since getting into sailing I have been reading a lot esp on this forum. Here is a question for all you seasoned sailors:

I am looking at getting a sailboat for cruising around Long Island and the Hudson as a weekender mostly for two but sometimes 4 people. I am looking at two boats. The first is a Cal 30 from 1968. It seems good besides the fact that it has the Atomic 4 gas in board and doesn't have a roller furling. The 2nd boat is a Catalina 27 tall rig 1979. The Catalina has a yanmar diesel and a roller furling. Both are tiller steering. Both have holding tanks and new depth and knot meter. How do these boats stack up with eachother? Which one would you go for and why? :confused:e

cardiacpaul 03-28-2007 06:22 PM

whacha gunna do wid da boat, eh boss?
Thats going to be one of the more important questions.

I own a cat27 tall rig (along with two other larger boats) and the cat27 is MY favorite one to take out for the day. myself. alone. Or with The Cuban. Perfect for two.

For overnight? just me? no worries, love it. For two or more? not so much.

I'm 5'11, 185, and The Cuban is 5'5" 11something, and we just fit in the vee-berth. Unless you and yours are circus midgets with a hankering for some gymnastics its tough to get out of the vee without stepping on an arm/head/leg. You may be into that, I dunno.
There is no way on gods green earth I would want 4 people on that boat for more than an afternoon.
But thats just me. We had the 13 year old and 5 of her closest friends out on her for over 9 hours and they loved every second of it... I almost gave birth to multi-headed serpents.

The Cal30 is a nice boat but, its darn near 40 years old. I don't care how well its been maintained. Its going to have issues. Big issues. If not now, then soon. Add in that it doesn't have but a couple of inches more beam than the cat27, you're not buying "that" much more room. Plus the entry to the vee is just about the same size at that of the cat, so you've got that to look forward to.

Don't let the atomic-4 scare you off, they're good engines.

You didn't say if you care how they "perform" but, you don't look at either of these boats if you're going to want to hang some meat off the side and race.

Yea, I know, they have both performed well within class, but these are cruisers, not racers.

I know - it doesn't help much does it :)

If you're looking to entertain, putz around, weekend party, things like that...look at a catalina 30, or pearson, or beneteau, or any number of other boats. You'll see a major difference in the cabin size.
or perish the thought, hunter

Jotun 03-29-2007 07:03 AM

Due to the age of these boats you are looking at, I'm gonna guess that cost is a consideration for you. Keep in mind that a 30 is going to be more expensive to maintain than a 27. I have a Catalina 27 and I think it would work for you. But then, I might be biased! ;)

christyleigh 03-29-2007 09:26 AM

Yachtworld is listing 3 Catalina 30's in NY for around 13k that might be worth taking a look at. As a 2 time former Catalina owner my bias is obvious :)

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