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Insails 03-28-2007 07:34 PM

I may have found the boat
Today I went and looked at an Alberg 30..the boat was in decent shape and the owner was a sailor..We had a long talk about the boat and the history of it since he had it. He also owns a Bristol Channel cutter. I spent the afternoon poking about the boat .The decks were solid .The interior clean with a new head(never used).The Atomic4 started immediately upon turning the key.The bilge was dry.The one pet peeve the owner had was the placement of the Genoa traveler on the toe rail said it did leak some through the screw holes..He suggested I move the traveler inside the toe-rail to the deck.I called my surveyor and he told me he could save me some money because he had seen the boat and surveyed it last month but he never wrote up the survey because the person purchasing the survey was a friend and had a car accident and could no longer afford the boat..He said the boat was in overall good condition but he recommended moving the Genoa traveler as it leaked only when under way..I will be going out on the boat next week .I would like some imput on the alberg 30. The price is right ..The boat comes with 4 sets of good sails but the spinnaker pole looked to need replacing...thoughts? Is there anything I should know about Albergs? Thanks

sailingdog 03-28-2007 08:24 PM

The Alberg 30 is an excellent boat, and one of my favorite monohulls. It is capable of daysailing, even in fairly light winds, as well as making bluewater passages. Fairly spacious for a boat of that age and size.

I would strongly recommend you get in touch with the Alberg 30 owners association, as they have a very active one. Also, John Vigor's book, 20 Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere includes a section on the Alberg 30.

I would still get a separate survey of the boat done, as the boat is probably close to 30 years old, and should be thoroughly surveyed by an unbiased person.

As for moving the genoa tracks (not traveler) to the deck, that would also give you closer sheeting angles and help you point a bit higher.

Sailormann 03-28-2007 08:42 PM

Great boats - could be a good investment. The ones in this area that are well maintained seem to be getting more expensive every year...

FrankLanger 03-29-2007 01:37 PM

Yes, they are a well-built boat with good reputation. But with it's full keel, it will not maneuvre as easily (especially for a beginning sailor, if that applies to you) as a fin keel boat. While more stable in heavy winds than some boats, it will not win races. So I think it's important to think about how you plan to use the boat, to determine if it's the right kind of boat for you, regardless of how lovely they look and their solid reputation.

Gulfcoastbreeze 03-29-2007 04:01 PM

I'd think a beginning sailor would appreciate the seaworthiness of a full-keel boat, esp. when running aground, etc. I wouldn't be but off by a full keel at all.


dakuehn 03-29-2007 04:22 PM

I thought the Alberg 30 series they were doing on the sailing channel was cool...only one episode so far though.

Valiente 03-29-2007 04:55 PM

It's hard to go wrong with an Alberg 30 as it's a boat that will "tend itself" quite well. But it's pretty snug and as has been said, not a race winner. But I always feel that I prefer a boat I can take out myself and enjoy, rather than one where I have to wait for four other people to help me work the thing optimally. So when I get the urge to race, I crew on some hotshot's boat. Much easier on the wallet and the nerves.

Insails 03-29-2007 08:10 PM

Thanks all,really don't plan on racing and the only boats I ever sailed had full keels..The boat will be for cruising and a few blue water hops after I get acquainted with her and her strengths and weak points..I feel there is a learning curve for every boat you sail because no two are exactly the same..You may have the same hull same everything but you may have 1 lb of weight distributed differently:)..I have only sailed traditional gaff rigged Schooners of 63 tons..As a mate I made two trips from The Gulf Coast to Newfoundland..I just love to sail and this time the boat will be mine..I have the rest of my life to learn and with great sailors like all of you for support,it will be all the better..Day Trips and weekends to start....

Valiente 03-29-2007 11:50 PM

With a background like that you are going to love the Alberg 30. You might want to go to an Alberg 37 or even a Whitby 42 in time.

Alberg 30 - Used Sailboat Market in Canada
Alberg 37 - Used Sailboat Market in Canada
Whitby 42 - Used Sailboat Market in Canada

Ronbye 03-30-2007 08:48 AM

The Alberg 30 is a great boat. You should check out the Cape Horn Wind Vane web page. The developer of this Wind vane owns an Alberg 30 "Jean du Sud" which he sailed around the world in the early 80's. The owner Yves Gelinas from Quebec-Canada made a movie about this trip as well. The movies has won numerous awards. Here is a link to the Sailing Channel, where they are restoring an Alberg 30. This Good Old Alberg 30: Episode 1 - Google Video

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