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pawoodbury 06-13-2007 05:18 PM

Trailerable, Ocean Worthy, Under 20K
I am looking for a used blue water, ocean worthy, trailerable sailboat. Also, under $20,000. Any ideas on which models to begin looking at? Thanks!

ccam 06-13-2007 05:43 PM

Here ya go!

20' Pacific Seacraft Flicka
Year: 1981
Current Price: US$ 15,900
Located in Manitowoc, WI
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Engine/Fuel Type: Single Diesel
YW# 11424-1590951

h16Sailor 06-13-2007 05:48 PM

I am by no means an expert and do not wish to offer a suggestion based on your specifications.

I do think you need to reconsider your priorities.

May I suggest, you wait till August when prices should start dropping. Between now and then may I also suggest:

20 small sailboats to take you anywhere, by John Vigor

I found this book very helpful, it pro’s and con’s 20 boats and helped me decide what I really wanted.

Good Luck with your search, Jody

Sapperwhite 06-13-2007 06:24 PM

Pacific Seacraft 25, Flicka, and Dana($$$ out of the 20k range) are all trailerable. Nor'Sea 27 are barely trailerable (10000lbs.) Your requirements really narrow your range. However, if those are your honest wants/needs, then the Flicka is going to be your best bet. Some people sail Flickas all over the world; Carib, South Pacific, Great lakes, Atlantic crossings, etc. Check Yachtworld, Pacific Seacraft Boats For Sale
Also check out the Flicka Friends newsletter, Flicka Home Page
There are no other 20' boats like them on the water. What other 20' boat has 6' standing room?.....none. Good luck with the search.

pawoodbury 06-13-2007 07:28 PM

I have heard of the Flicka sailboats, mostly that they are very slow. Is this true? I may not have much choice. What about Vega 27 or Contessa 26. Are these seaworthy and trailerable?
Thank you to all for your imput so far. I will be seeing if I can order that book H16 talked about.

sailingdog 06-13-2007 08:53 PM

Umm... Pawoodbury, most of the "seaworthy" blue water capable boats are not really trailerable. They can often be put on a trailer, but many can not be launched using a trailer, due to the physical limitations of a trailer. A Flicka can be transported with a trailer, but most of the ones I've seen need a travel lift to be launched.

Sailormann 06-14-2007 01:24 AM

A lot depends on what you mean by oceanworthy. If you are looking for a boat that a majority of the people who post here would take offshore - I don't think that there really is one that is trailerable. Any boat can be put on a trailer and towed if you have a big enough truck, but the one characteristic that boats generally considered to be offshore cruisers all share, is a substantial displacement - i.e.: they weigh a lot more than the average trailer sailer. It is darn near impossible to launch them from a trailer short of backing the trailer over a cliff and hoping the boat lands keel down.

That said, a lot of voyages have been made in boats that were not designed for extended cruising... 24 foot Sharks have cruised from Canada to the Bahamas, over to Europe, and back. Some West Wight Potters have made open water trips, and I am sure that if you research you'll find many other examples.

If, for some reason, I HAD to go offshore in a boat that could be trailered and lauched on a ramp then I'd probably start by looking for a Bayfield 25 or Balboa 26, perhaps a Nordica 20... But it would not be something I'd do of my own volition. But then again, I am older and wiser now than I should be I guess...

Sapperwhite 06-14-2007 02:23 AM

Bill Teplow took his WW Potter from SF to Hawaii in 24 days. It can be done, but that doesn't mean I'd do it. Here's a link to his voyage. Chubby Commutes to Hawaii: A Technical Discussion By Bill Teplow

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