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Dav-O 03-17-2002 07:08 AM

Early 40''''s Looking For a 30
I''m looking for a relatively new 30 footer that is good for weekending (2 grownups, 2 small kids), but also points well and can be raced. I live between Pensacola and Ft. Walton Beach, FL, so intend to do some bay sailing, but also a little off-shore cruising. I''m considering a Hunter 306, but have several months yet before any final decision is made. Looking at $65k range. Advice welcome from anyone who has been there and done that.

john gov 03-17-2002 11:36 AM

Early 40''''s Looking For a 30
Davo, try [ ]Do the advanced search. You can plug in size, type, price range, and location. For $65,000 you can buy one heck of a nice 30 footer. Go for quality, resale value, etc. as you will no doubt be looking for a 34 or 36 footer in two to three years. You might even consider spending less on this first boat and save some for the next one. But that''s your business, not mine...Have fun, John Gov.

Jeff_H 03-18-2002 01:46 AM

Early 40''''s Looking For a 30
The newer Hunters really are not very competitive under PHRF even at the club level. There are a lot of really great used boats in the $65,000 or less range that might be better suited to your needs.


Dav-O 03-18-2002 02:49 AM

Early 40''''s Looking For a 30
john gov,

Thanks for your comments. I''ve been to yachtworld and there are quite a few to choose from. Most are geographically far from me, and I don''t know what boat movers charge, but it''s something to look into. The challenge for me is compromise. I would like to have a weekender, so my family and I can drop anchor off shore on the gulf coast and wake up on the water. On the other hand, I''ve been crew on an S2 during my days in South Carolina, and I''d like to race from time to time. I''d like to find a boat that can point high and get decent speed made good hard on the wind. Based on some of the messages I''ve seen, it looks like I can only afford something akin to a Chevy or Ford, but for a first boat that''s ok for me. What has experienced taught you?

Dav-O 03-18-2002 03:15 AM

Early 40''''s Looking For a 30

Thanks for your comments. I''ve read your bio, and it sounds like you know your way around the world of sailing vessels. I''m looking to buy my first boat, and like a first house, it won''t be my dream, but it''s the early stage of a passionate adventure. I was crew on an S2 years ago in Carolina. We didn''t win any, but that might have been due to helmsmanship of the skipper more than limitations of the craft. I like racing, but I''m not a hardcore racing enthusiast. I want a boat that will point high in a close-haul. I also want a boat that will accommodate 2 adults and two kids on a weekend excursion off shore on the gulf. The Hunter looks like it''s high on creature comforts (for a Ford or Chevy), but the messages I''ve read make me wonder if the hull design leaves something to be desired. What might you recommend for a reasonable compromise between speed and comfort, considering 30 footers, built since ''95, priced under $70k? Also, I wonder about the vessel''s versatility of rigging. Clearly, I''m looking at a sloop-rigged cruising yacht, but I''d like to acquire a variety of sails for general purposes (e.g., mainsail, jib, genoa, spinnaker, spinnaker staysail, trysail, storm jib). Are some 30''s more versatile than others in this regard?

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