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bnoble 03-22-2002 11:15 AM

Buying a 1st boat
In four or five years I hope to retire. One of my dreams is to buy a sail boat that I can handle alone and see the world. I would appreciate any advise on the type of boat to buy, and where I can learn to sail and navigate.

Bronzepen 03-22-2002 11:35 AM

Buying a 1st boat
Hi bnoble,

I suggest you start off by taking some sailing courses from a local sailing school by you. Try it out. If you fall in love with sailing then progress to joining a club. Like the United States Power Squadron or a similar club. You can take courses there in navigation, safety, etc... While doing that, be a crew member to a friend of yours who has a sailboat. If you don''t know anyone who owns a sailboat then ask at the club or in message boards like this one that your willing to be a crew member. You will pick up a lot of experience and tips in sailing and purchasing your first boat.

Good Luck!


KIKO 03-22-2002 11:51 AM

Buying a 1st boat

To start are you near a coast line or a lake, where you’ve seen sailboats before??
If not, consider moving. If yes:

Then, I’d suggest you go by a Yacht Club, meet some of the people there, and enroll yourself in some kind of sailing course. (who knows if you don’t hate it in the end?! – most people that “dream” about sailing the world are attracted by sunset pictures, tequila sunrises, and, old sailor bull****, then, and as soon as the sea “hits” find out that’s not really what they expected the money was spent in a boat, and now… too late to quit).

I’d shoot for a few rides in small boats, then a sail course, maybe?
Only then should you think about buying a boat and slowly increase your horizon, (and if God helps, your boat’s size!!)

Good luck


Peter_pan 03-24-2002 09:45 PM

Buying a 1st boat
I''ve been a boater all my life. I''ve owned little boats and big boats. I used to get sea sick every time i went out in seas over 2 feet. I''m a diehard. I no longer get sea sick. took 30+ years. It ain''t always smooth seas and fair winds. Try to go out when the weathers not quit so nice and see if you can take it. Once your out there your out there. The pendulum swing both ways. I love it. I hope you can too.
Ole Pete

DuaneIsing 03-25-2002 03:27 AM

Buying a 1st boat

We''re not quite in the same circumstances (no circumnavigation plans), but permit me to offer some advice. Do not rush things. You have four+ years to learn and research. What you think you want now will most likely be nothing like what you decide you want/need four years from now.

Hopefully, you can devote a large portion of your available free time for the next few years to reading and studying all sorts of info related to sailing and cruising. You will find that you may get 3 different opinions for every 2 sailors you ask; just keep an open mind and decide for yourself after you feel confident in your knowledge.

You should also definitely get some good basic instruction and get out on the water (charter, sailing club, etc.) soon. Actually buying a boat will be a potentially big financial commitment, so that''s the part we''re leaving until last. Before we do that, we''ll have as much education and experience as is possible to have without actually owning a boat.

Keep in mind that you won''t really know for sure that such a cruising life is for you until you are doing it. The more you can experience in the meantime, the better the odds that you''ll make the right decision for you.

Good luck in your planning.


DuaneIsing 03-25-2002 03:41 AM

Buying a 1st boat

I should have mentioned in my previous post that I am not encouraging you to delay purchasing a boat. I am suggesting you delay purchasing your ultimate cruising boat.

If you are sure you want a boat now to learn on, you will get some good advice here, I''m sure. Just don''t think you know enough right now to buy that boat that''s going to take you safely and comfortably around the world.

VIEXILE 03-25-2002 04:00 AM

Buying a 1st boat
Rush things. Days turn into months turn into years. Do it now.

KPBaker 03-25-2002 04:01 AM

Buying a 1st boat

I agree with the previous comments pertaining to attending some schools and gaining time on the water.When I first started sailing,I attended two excellent schools...the first was "The Offshore Sailing School" at Captiva,Fla.,and the second was "The Annapolis Sailing School" in Annapolis ,MD.If you are close to either of these schools I think it would be well worth your time to attend one, or both.Once you get some experience on the water, and some schooling under your belt, you might want to look at charterng a boat or two. It will help you get the feel for how different boats handle which will be beneficial when you start the selection process for a boat.I''m planning on moving up to a larger boat in a few years, so I''m also trying to determine what is the perfect boat for me. I''ve been researching boats for about a year now.This site has a wealth of infomation (Jeff''s comments) and the boatcheck pages.As others have pointed out, what your plans are now may be totally different in 4 years.If you are going to be circumnavigating, your choice for boat will have a different set of criteria than if you plan on being a coastal cruiser.In the mean time,plan,research,save$$,and dream.Good luck!

DuaneIsing 03-25-2002 05:50 AM

Buying a 1st boat
Some people may think that VIEXILE''s advice in this case is too flip, but I give him credit for pointing out that in the extreme, too much planning is to never do anything, which is often worse.

So, my modified advice:

1. DON''T rush so fast that you doom yourself to failure, poverty, and misery.

2. DON''T drag everything out so that all you do is talk, then die without experiencing your dream.

3. DO find that balance somewhere between those extremes that suits you.

Valdare 03-25-2002 07:46 AM

Buying a 1st boat
The only way you will learn to sail is to do it. The only way you will do it is if you have some experience.

Take an ASA or US Sail keel boat sailing class. Learn the basics.

Buy yourself a boat you will be comfortable with, and sail it. While you''re sailing it read everything you can get your hands on. It will make more sense if you can read and experience it at the same time. My first boat was a 28 footer, my wife wanted something she felt secure in and was self righting. We did not know a thing about sailing except we had chartered with a couple for a week in Lake Erie and loved it. We learned as we sailed. My second boat was a 25"11 foot racing boat. My present boat is the boat of our dreams a Morgan 384. In the middle we took sailing classes in flying Scots, and ASA classes in 40 footers. We took navigation classes, bisic coastal cruising classes. We learned in all of them. These classes are arranged to take you in steps as your experence grows.
But you need the experence. One of the most
frustrating things I experienced in one of my advanced classes was with a gentlemen who read extensively about sailing but had never experienced it. He had never been in charge of any size boat himself. Everything he did he related to "well the book says..." or "is this what the book ment by..." Very unnerving for a few on board offshore some 100 miles.
If your going to retire in four years I would assume your not 30 something so racing is not probably something you will be into, there for it will be much harder to catch many rides with day sailors or cruisers. You need to get as much time onboard as possible. That means buy a boat regardless of what it is. Some clubs will have smaller boats you can use to learn basics but they won''t get you cruising on weekends to learn. It is easier to invite experienced sailors to sail with you than to catch a ride with no experience.

My 2 Cents..

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