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waveshredder 10-01-2007 08:46 PM

Still searching......
I really hope this post is understandable, I feel like I've been ramblin on.

I posted here awhile ago and am still looking for a small sea worthy boat for under 10k hopefully a bit less so I can afford upgrades. I've seen a few Hunters in the 25' range and am not convinced of the quality. Basically I want a boat that is good for the outer Bahamas(Abacos/Eleuthera) from Florida. I am located in Jacksonville and have looked extensivly online and a little at the marina's and plan on visiting many more.

What resources are good online(if any), ive looked at, boattrader,,, and I feel like the online search is a waste.

Also when it comes to making an offer I obviously want to get the seller's bottom line, so is an offer 3.9k on an asking price 6.1K reasonable?

Please anyone with sound advice and knows of any good deals or offers from Georgia to South Central Florida please let me know.

This will be my first purchase and I dont want to rush into it, but I am anxious to get out there again, this time with me as the skipper.

sailingdog 10-01-2007 09:16 PM

If you're looking for a seaworthy boat for under $10K, you might want to look at the Pearson Triton, Pearson Ariel, Cape Dory 25, Alberg 30, and a few other older designs like that, as they'll be far more seaworthy than a Hunter in the same price range.

Bardo 10-02-2007 09:02 AM

Bristol 29, although none of those boats will come in much undr 10k without major refit requirements. But they are definitely better boats than the Hunter et al. Good Luck.

TSteele65 10-02-2007 09:11 AM

Not sure about the others, but any Alberg you see under $10K will need at least $5K worth of repair/upgrade. They're wonderful, solid boats, but be prepared.

sailingdog 10-02-2007 09:23 AM

The cost of re-fitting an Alberg-design in that price range to be seaworthy of a crossing to the Bahamas is far less than that of a Hunter in that price range... since the basic boat is much more seaworthy IMHO. However, upping the price to say $15,000 might well yield a boat that is almost ready to go, rather than needing any refitting.

kwaltersmi 10-02-2007 09:34 AM

You might be able to find an Albin Vega close to that price. My guess is that it would need some upgrades, but it's a seaworthy boat that's not too expensive.

sailingdog 10-02-2007 09:49 AM

For's a few good possibilities. LINK LINK LINK LINK

waveshredder 10-02-2007 05:07 PM

Most seemingly good deals online are usually too far a way for me to reasonably take a look and decide if the boat is worthy and then bringing her home. I'll keep looking. There is a '73 Pearson that out there that I want to see, though the age worries me.

Thanks so far. If I were to up the price on my search I would have to take out a loan, something I want to avoid for now.

sailhog 10-02-2007 05:16 PM

Get yourself a little Catalina 27. There should be lots of them in the area for well under $10,000.

btrayfors 10-02-2007 05:22 PM

Try eBay. There are lots of older sailboats of good vintage for under $10K. Maybe you could spend a bit of your budget on travel to look at a particularly good prospect?

For example, there's a nice Cal 25 on the lower Chesapeake, with a Buy-it-Now price under $2K. Also a Pacific Seacraft, and a number of others.

Don't be put off by age. Pedigree is more important, as is present condition and care shown by previous owner(s). There are a few older boats which are in A-1 condition.

Virtually any boat you find will be a better bet than a Hunter, IMO!


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