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snowbrushy 04-02-2002 08:22 AM

Selling to out of state
I''ve bought a bigger sailboat and I''m selling my original boat back to a previous owner who lives out of state. The boat is up in the yard being readied for the truck trip to it''s new home. The new owner visited the boat last Summer and wishes to avoid having to travel here again. My question: What is a good way for us to exchange the money and the title, bill of sale etc.? Could a broker act as a escrow between buyer - seller? THANK''S FOR ANY ADVICE. Dave

Valdare 04-02-2002 09:30 AM

Selling to out of state

I am no attorney but I assume you sold the boat where is as is?? I would hope you are not responsible for readying the boat or loading the boat or trailing the boat to its new home. If you are I would think you should not be or make sure you are insured up the @##$%^. I am the trusting kind and get myself into all kinds of trouble so when I say, I can see a whole kettle of fish developing if you are responsible. You know even I would be concerned.
In any case before the boat gets ready to ship or on a truck you should have your nonrefundable money in hand. You can give the title to the truck driver to give it to the new owner on the other end.
Just my thoughts.

snowbrushy 04-02-2002 11:16 PM

Selling to out of state
Thank''s John - You are VERY right! - No money has changed hand''s yet. Last weekend I hauled-out. He paid for it. A rigger is taking down the stick and getting the boat ready. He ''s buying everything for the move. Your idea about sending the title with the (his) trucker is an idea that my 80y/o father had also, and I just may do it after he''s put the money in my account. I really want this guy to have his boat back as he sailed it across the Pacific in the 80''s from Japan when he was a kid. In fact, I did a world-wide search for him to let him know I was selling the (his) boat. So; him and I SHOULD trust each other enough to keep thing''s simple - I hope. Thank''s for your good thought''s, John. Thank''s....


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