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prrthead 04-05-2002 06:45 AM

cheaper vs less problematic
I have asked a similiar question a couple of times and never gotten much response, so here''s one last try....

I have the option of getting a 1981 Cal 25 or a 1973 Tanzer 28. The Tanzer turned up about $2,000 of repairs which the owner willingly conceded in renegotiations. The Cal is asking a few thousand more but seems a little less worn and better cared for. However, it does show signs of deck moisture around the starboard handrail and the jib is falling apart. Based on your guys'' knowledge and experience (Jeff, I know you know something about the Cal 25''s), what seems like a logical step for me to take?

BigZ 04-05-2002 03:41 PM

cheaper vs less problematic
My guess is that it would depend upon what type of sailing you plan. The Tanzer is probably better if you plan on staying aboard more, since it''ll have more room down below. The Cal is probably a good choice if you plan on daysailing or, at most, an overniter or two, where accomodations aren''t as critical. The Tanzer probably has an older inboard that might require more maintenance down the road. Inboards, I believe, are generally more expensive to maintain than outboards; but I wouldn''t want an outboard for extensive coastal work. The Cal has an outboard so the expenses might be less.
I don''t think it''s rare for boats of this vintage to have some deck problems.
Your choice. (I''d get the Cal, but I''m mostly a daysailer.)

Irwin32 04-05-2002 06:20 PM

cheaper vs less problematic
I wonder how good any of the sails on either of these boats are. If the Tanzer was not all that well cared for, how long before the sails need to be replaced. lists a 150 headsail for the Cal 25 MK 1 at $595. If you looked used, you could probably get something that would work for less.

Cals are well made boats that have a proven track record. Cruising World did an article on a guy who, after modifications, took his 25 and his family of 4 across oceans. The point being, it is a seaworthy little boat.

Maybe you are not getting a lot of response because the Tanzer is not as well known. If it is beat up that has to tell you something about what might be luking unseen. $2000 of work on a 28'' is a lot.

The handrail is something to have a surveyor or repair person look at. Maybe all it needs is a little epoxy injecteion and some cosmetic work.

With the info given - I vote for the Cal.

Jeff_H 04-06-2002 07:44 AM

cheaper vs less problematic
I don''t think that there is a clear and obvious answer with the info that you have given us. Both are inherently decent coastal cruisers. Neither offer obvious advantages beyond the Tanzer offering more room. A 1981 Cal is a different model than the one that I have a lot of experience with. The Cal line went thru so many changes at that point in time that I am not even sure I can visualize which of the 25''s that is.

You seem to be in part addressing your question to me. I had seen your question earlier and have really wrestled with how to address your concerns. Unfortuneately my only conclusion is that without really seeing the boats I don''t feel that I can give you very meaningful advise. I wish that I could be more helpful. (Where are these boats?)


thomasstone 04-07-2002 01:10 PM

cheaper vs less problematic
Parrott Head, I cant remember are you in NC? Thier is a 25ft catilina in excellent shape here in Wrightsville Beach, the guy is selling because he needs cash for school. The boat was appraised at $7000 but he called me this morning and told me he would take $4000. Let me know-

prrthead 04-08-2002 05:24 AM

cheaper vs less problematic
Sorry''s a little more info....

I am in NC and I''ll be sailing in the sounds and rivers mostly, but I''m beginning so I need a little fogiveness in the boat. Also, both have inboard diesels (one of my requirements).

The Tanzer needs new sails sooner than later but for what I''m doing both boats have sails that will "work." Also, the Cal has a marine head, the Tanzer a porti-potty. The Cal has a nice Autopilot and shore power. The Tanzer has neither.

I''m starting to become convinced that I will need to trade boats in a couple of years and that there isn''t an inexpensive one that will last me for a long while. With that in mind, I think the Tanzer (after repairs) will be the easiest to get my investment out of because the orginal price is so good.

I don''t know if there are definitive answers to my questions, but I appreciate the insights you''re offering. I just want a little assurance from people a little more "in the know" before I dive in.

mikehoyt 04-08-2002 06:41 AM

cheaper vs less problematic
If you are seriously considering the Tanzer there is a Tanzer 28 site at this address You should contact the creator of this site to find potential problems and benefits. Their 28 is also a 1973.

BigZ 04-08-2002 07:37 PM

cheaper vs less problematic
Forget about trying to get your money back when you resell. Just get the boat that feels best to you now. You might end up owning it longer than you think.
And don''t be too concerned with the "extras" one boat might have. Most of these things can be added on by you when time permits.
Sailboats are not an inexpensive habit. Over the next year or two you could easily drop an extra $1000 or 2 on sails and other incidentals on either of these boats you are considering.
Dive in and have fun.

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