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bigjeff 01-07-2008 10:19 PM

Any one have any commets on the new Delphia boats..
Boat of the year for 33'.
Look like a solid boat well priced from Poland.

camaraderie 01-07-2008 10:48 PM

I looked at the keel and on the bottom was printed "This side down" . That was enough for me!

(Sorry ...couldn't resist the opportunity for a Polish joke! Feel free to retaliate with Scots /Irish jokes) :D

Melrna 01-07-2008 11:37 PM

I have sailed the 37 and 40 ( older European model) Lot of boat for the money. The US model I haven't seen in person yet. I don't like the European layout. They claim bluewater but I have my doubts on how much punishment the mast will hold up with the B&G rig and all rigging to one spot. It doesn't look at all beefy. Mast in deck stepped.
Things I like..
1. Room room room. More room in both of these boats than most 45' boats. I cannot say enough about how roomier these boats are.
2. Big cockpit.. Great for guest and party's.
3. Great storage everywhere. Lazzerates are enormous
4. Easy sail plan.. I can single hand the boat.
5. Saildrive don't leave home without it. I got spoiled.
6. Headroom.
7. Deck is easy to move about on, Lifelines are great.
8. For a family with kids this is a great boat with the 3 cabin version.

Thinks I don't like
1. Traveler - Needs to be bigger
2. Electrical system - cheap is all I will say.
3. No bilge - It is how they achieve the headroom. Had water from the refrig condensation roll side to side.
4. Holding tanks are small. Clever where they put them but small.
5. Companionway Plexiglas's door. Too big, to heavy and no privacy.
6. 40' was slow and takes a lot of wind to get it going. Supposedly they fixed this with the US version with a taller mast and different keel.
7. No ventilation on either boats. Like all the new boats especially the European boats, all lexan and few ports. No port over stove and with it made the cabin sweat. Both boats were hot during the summer.
8. Deck hardware needs to be upgrade in size.
9. Because of the size and room down below, need a big air conditioners (at least 2) to keep it cool.


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