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jmedina 05-13-2002 11:58 AM

''''72/''''01 30'''' Seafarer
Greetings all,

Seriously looking to purchase one for primarily coastal/Bahamas cruising. What are your thoughts on these? (construction, performance, etc)

Thanks in advance,


Ps. "Jeff H" your input would be greatly appreciated.

DirtManly 05-18-2002 03:28 PM

''''72/''''01 30'''' Seafarer
Hello Jamie,
You may want to join the Seafarer email list here on Sailnet and ask that same question. What you will get is an overwhelming reply, a virtual chorus of we love our boats. There are some on this Message board that believe these to be lousy boats, but i beg to differ.
Compared to all the other boats i''ve been on my Seafarer was rock solid, it sailed well and was particularly stable.
I owned a 23 that was a McCurdy & Rhodes design. I know that they designed the later Swiftsure 30 as well. I''m not sure if yours is a McCurdy & Rhodes or not. I''ve read an awfull lot of email from the list that suggests somewhere right around the year your looking at, they changed from the old desiign ( Bill Tripp as near as i can remember) to the Swiftsure.
Please understand that these are not clorox bottle boats with masts that rake the sky, designed specificly to race with a few creature conforts, if you want an all out racer to race competitively don''t buy this boat. I believe her PHRF rating is a couple points away from a Catalina 30, just not "A" fleet material. Personaly i like the "B" fleet anyway.
The one unanimous flaw to all Seafarer''s is the attachment at he bottom of the rudder. Electrolysis seems to eat them away. These invariably need to be replaced, so make sure your surveyor looks at this for you.
For what it''s worth, the guy i sold my 23 to is now sailing around the Bahama''s in it and has no plans to come back anytime soon.
Good Luck

jmedina1 05-20-2002 04:47 AM

''''72/''''01 30'''' Seafarer

Thanks so much for your input. I will join the Seafarer list here and learn more. So far everyone I''ve talk to have nothing but good things to say about these. By the way, the boat is a 1974/01. Was going to sail her this weekend but the weather didn''t cooperate. Just by looking at her lovely lines, I''m sure she sails very well.



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