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Bardo 02-26-2008 07:58 AM

T-34 Tiller
Have any of the T-34 fans out there got a tiller on their boat? I am looking at a T-34C that has a tiller (which I have not seen on this boat before), and I am curious about the handling characteristics of a boat this size with the tiller. My Bristol 29 had a tiller, and I loved it.


T34C 02-26-2008 11:31 AM

There are a lot of the T34's that have tillers. I'm not sure that the tiller to wheel is 50/50, but it is really a matter of choice. With the storage space under the cockpit sole and ease of access, many owners have converted easily from tiller to wheel and from wheel back to tiller.

My boat has a wheel which I really like. (after changing up to a larger size) I do think the tiller would provide a better cockpit layout than what you get with the wheel, especially if you want to single hand the boat. The wheel being placed forward in the cockpit does get in the way somewhat. The helmsman can easily reach the genoa winches however my boat has been converted to midboom sheeting that makes it very hard to trim the main from the helm. When racing we place the genoa trimmer behind the helmsman and the main trimmer in front. If we race with just two of us aboard, it gets very difficult climbing back and forth around the wheel.

The original mainsheet configuration had the sheet lead to a SHORT traveler that spanned the space between the cockpit seats right in front of the helm. In this configuration it would be easy for the helmsman to also trim the main, but really limits use of the traveler.

Bardo 02-26-2008 01:42 PM

thanks for the info. The boat I am looking at has the tiller and the short traveler just forward. I like the location but agree that it reduces the ability to adust the loction of the main sheet. I really like the ability to clear the cockpit completely when at anchor/dock. Good for entertaining or relaxing. The owner says that it sails well with the tiller as long as you stay trimmed and don't overpress with sail.

T34C 02-26-2008 03:17 PM

The boat will balance VERY well and shouldn't require any "heavy lifting" with the tiller. Most times, the boat will balance using the centerboard leaving you with a neutral helm. She will have a tendency to develope strong weather helm if over canvased. The reefing schedule taken from the Tartan 34 Classics Association website:
First reef in the main at 17 knots.

Bring in 1/4 jib at 25 knots.

Second reef in the main at 35 knots.

Hope this helps.

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