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Livinondreams 02-26-2008 05:59 PM

youngbuck trying to start cruising
hello all! I am 18 and have been planning on cruising all over the world for awhile now. I grew up sailing and fishing on the chesapeake bay and have a need for adventure. I am planning to take 3-4 years off of college to cruise all over the world. My only problem is my budget. Most of the fourms I have been reading talk about how expensive it is to buy a boat that is capable of ocean crossings. And that it takes lots of money to cruise. I am always looking at classifeids,craigslist etc. and I find lots of boats around 10,000 that seem to be capable with a little tlc such as early 70's full keel cruisers around 30 ft. Also I have looked at ferrocement boats that sell for next to nothing, although I understand that ferroboats are a gamble. With a budget of around 10,000 for a boat and then a little more for refitting. Is it possible to sail out into the ocean with such a low budget? Also considering learning celestial navigation to cut down on costs of electronics. I also will be able to cut down on boatyard costs becasue my parents house is on the water with room at the dock and room in the backyard for working on the boat.

CharlieCobra 02-26-2008 07:09 PM

It can be done. I recently read a book on a kid who set off in a solid little 24' boat for a circumnav. He ended up getting a 34' boat about 2/3 of the way through. I forget his name and the book is on my boat. If ya do such a thing, make sure to rig a good self steering system such as a Monitor self steering vane or similar.

Freesail99 02-26-2008 07:21 PM

This may not be the popular thing to say but I am being honest. I have a son a year older then you. If my son was talking about taking 3 to 4 years off college to try and find the money he doesn't have to go cruising. Well to be brief, my foot would be finding the place that he use to use to sit down. Start your life before you start to mess around.

Stillraining 02-26-2008 07:21 PM

on dreams
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We did a minimal gear and boat thread a week or so ago search archives there was some good info there..

If you want to do it like this guy below then I say yes..otherwise thats a pretty slim cant leave will need to be able to live untill you find work..that will take some money...When we are young we seem to be able to do more for less and rough it more though..

SailorMitch 02-26-2008 07:41 PM

Bill Crealock cruised for most of his 20's. Check Amazon or for his two books -- Vagabonding Under Sail and Cloud of Islands. Of course, it was a different world back when he did that.

Livinondreams 02-26-2008 08:11 PM

I have read many books about it such as dove,madien voyage, and currently reading lionheart, they all inspired me even more. and about the college thing I feel that there is no better time then now and school will always be here waiting for me, although that is good advice freesail99. Say I did buy an old alberg 30 or another small full keel boat for around 5,000. Considering I did most of the work myself fixing it up, how much more money would it take to get the boat seaworthy? I am half tempted to take a risk with buying a ferrocement boat and hope it was built right, there just so darn cheap!

billyruffn 02-26-2008 09:46 PM


You asked: "Considering I did most of the work myself fixing it up, how much more money would it take to get the boat seaworthy?"

Answer: How long is a piece of string?

You said: "I am half tempted to take a risk with buying a ferrocement boat and hope it was built right, there just so darn cheap!"

I ask: "Why do you think they're so cheap?" AND "Do you want to come back, or just set sail? Do you want to risk your life on the integrity of someone else's back yard project?"

If you were my son, I'd advise you that crossing oceans is a serious business. Most people who attempt it are at least marginally competent and reasonably well prepared. The vast majority of them make safe, successful passages. Unfortunately, some who are very competent and are very well prepared are lost at sea. If you want to go to sea, start by going to sea in well found boats with skippers and crews who know what they're doing. Sail with them until you can answer the questions you have posed here.

Don't assume that "school will always be there waiting for you".... **** happens, life's events intervene and change things. Do school now while you have the chance, and when you've finished with school, then go on to another challenge, or pursue the dream. If you want a adventure and want to go to sea with some real pro's, join the Navy or the Coast Guard. When you've finished with that you'll still be young, you'll have saved some money, and you'll be a competent seaman.

Keep reading, keep dreaming. You'll get there someday.

gtod25 02-26-2008 10:30 PM

Tell us a little more about yourself?
What have you done so far (besides dreaming, and surfing Craig's List)?

How did you get the $10K you plan to spend on the boat (Hint - please tell me you worked two jobs while going to school, scrimped and saved, drive a beat up car -or none) If mummy gave it to you, then I'm off the thread.

Have you hung around a boatyard and learned fiberglassing, canvas work, engine maintenance etc. If this sounds like a job interview, you've got the idea.

If all this also sounds harsh, well, I am trying to recruit a mate for an 88ft powerboat at the moment and if dreams were abilities most of the applicants would be master of the Queen Mary 2. :rolleyes:

ps. I fully agree with the USN or USCG idea.

Livinondreams 02-26-2008 10:43 PM

I have many sailing miles under me,including offshore. I went to sailing camps every summer when I was younger and took a couple boating saftey classes(Required by my parents to take the boat out by myself) But these questions were not answered by these experiences because these people had money and hadn't dealt with sailing on such a budget. Most people also have trouble taking a teenager serious when he talks of sailing off to explore the world. So its hard to get good advice.

gtod25 02-26-2008 10:48 PM

More info needed.

Originally Posted by Livinondreams (Post 272542)
Most people also have trouble taking a teenager serious when he talks of sailing off to explore the world. So its hard to get good advice.

I wonder why?:rolleyes:

Now answer my 2nd and 3rd question.

You might also want to check out;

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