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Saltayre 04-13-2008 02:42 PM

Information on Sabre 38 Mk II
I am currently considering moving up from an Ericson 34 to a Sabre 38 Mk II and would appreciate any information and feedback regarding the Sabre. Understand the hull is cored while I'm used to a solid laid up hull what drawbacks, advantages ? Is the hull more susceptable to blistering ?
Understand the mast step can rott on the sabre ? Are there other things to look for from Survey and inspection ?
If anyone has experience with both boats, would love to know how they compare under sail. Love the way the Ericson handles, although slightly larger the Sabre seems close ?
Love to get your ideas. Thanks in advance.

John Lark

kd3pc 04-13-2008 06:22 PM

Just sold my Sabre38, MkI last December and miss her terribly already. Our mast step had been repaired just prior to our purchase so it was not really an issue. They are a very well built boat, well engineered and sail very well. It has been along time since I sailed an ericson, and it was a mere 30' back in the late 70's. The sabre will not pound or float like the Ericson seemed to. A little slower to respond perhaps, but once adjusted almost no effort to maintain. I seldom heard my autopilot change on a good balanced sail.

Issues I did not like....the silly 8D battery located in the aft berth area, where you could not get leverage to get them in or out. I would switch to smaller or lighter batteries as I aged. I would go with an electrosan style head. The holding tank was a tad small for my likes. Water tankage was good. We had a diesel genny that made it real tough to get to the important engine/prop shaft things. I used a 110 watt solar panel to keep things up while in route, rail mounted. We had CNG and no problems, but others have switched to propane only because it is sometimes tough to find CNG refills. You will need to rebed the chainplates. I had some water come in from the fore end of the hatch...never did stop it, slowed it and changed the direction. V berth was tough for two 50 somethings to crawl up in and out of. This btw was the biggest reason for get a more easily used sleeping double berth.

Things I liked....quality, quality throughout, and I could still call Sabre and talk to them - on a 20 year old boat. All the hardware is top notch, easily serviceable. Wood work and joinery was all top notch. Sailed easily, frugal on fuel and plenty of room for gear, electronics and such. Good support for several week, trips. Not sure about extended. We lived aboard weeks at a time with no issues.

Survey for sure, and it is truly a buyers market out don't overpay..


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