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bubb2 07-28-2008 01:17 PM

Why hire a surveyor
At 9 am this morning I was to meet a boat owner, buyer,and surveyor (who is a friend of mine) to run the boat for a sea trail. The survey started a 8am. The boat is an older Pan Yan.

As was walking the dock to the boat I could hear the taps of the plastic hammer. When I got to the boat I could see the look of concern on the surveyor's face.

Charlie took me aside, and I asked what's wrong? He said this boat is "wet." I said, OK the boat is wet so what, every old boat has wet spots. Charlie said, he has not found dry spot, this boat is just not wet it is saturated. I said, What do you mean. He started taping the fore deck and you could hear the dull thud! Then he put the moisture meter on the deck and it went off the scale. He took me to the transom, dull taps there also. The moisture meter was placed on the transom just below the cap rail and it went off the scale again. It stayed off the scale all the way to the water line.

Then he said. look at this as we were heading to the engine compartment.
We got into the engine compartment and he grabbed hold of one of the stringers and jiggled it back on forth. He said now grab the one on your side witch I did and it moved easily. WOW!

We walked down the dock out of ear shot of everyone else. Charlie said, there was no use to pull the boat, if the stringers are gone and the transom is gone and the decks are gone; you know what we are going to find if we look at the hull. He said he didn't think the boat was safe and did not want to be on board if I moved into the slings and he was NOT going to be aboard for a sea trail. I had to agree with him. I was worried about the engine flopping over and ripping out the shaft.

He informed the involved parties that the survey was over and the boat was unsafe and not insurable.

Looking at the boat from the dockside, I wouldn't had reservations about taking the boat out. Good catch Charlie! Thanks

sailingdog 07-28-2008 01:30 PM

Thanks for the post Mike... damn, that's pretty scary... You owe Charlie (the surveyor I am guessing) a beer. :)

bubb2 07-28-2008 01:50 PM

Dog, Charlie is the surveyor and a good friend of mine. We go back allot of years, even got our Captains licenses together.

As you know I have delivered lots of boats over the years. Some you trouble with, some you don't. But if Charlie says it good boat, those were the boats I never had a problem with. Yes I owe him a beer this time, he will owe me one next time.

kai34 07-28-2008 02:59 PM

wow. good story. so what happens to a boat thats like that? is there a boat heaven? or is it a fixable project for someone?

Stillraining 07-28-2008 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by kai34 (Post 346862)
wow. good story. so what happens to a boat thats like that? is there a boat heaven? or is it a fixable project for someone?

Unfortunately...someone who's emotions overrides there senses or knowlage "and dont pay for a survey"..of how things need to fall in place to get a slip ( Insurance ) will buy it..The seller of these kinds of boats ( dont tell me they dont know ) should get horse wiped.

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