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northoceanbeach 07-31-2008 08:04 PM

Can you identify this boat?
I am going to buy a boat in Honolulu soon, and I have been diligently checking craigslist. Not too many cheap, small sailboats come up. This one was listed today. Anyone know what kind it is?

As a more general buying a boat question, how do you determine what a boat should sell for. It seems like they are all over the place. Ho do I know what I should offer or if what they ask is reasonable?


CharlieCobra 07-31-2008 08:29 PM

Ah, having a pic, link or something might help ya get the question answered. We're usually pretty good but we ain't clairvoyant.

craigtoo 07-31-2008 08:39 PM


You don't worry about CharlieCobra... :D :D :D

He's just being critical... :) :) I say go for it! ....and stuff... I mean really... these guys here on SailNet want everything... pics.. descriptions.... :) :) links....

they are just being "PICKY" I say... :) :) :)


northoceanbeach 07-31-2008 08:58 PM

what do I gotta do everything here? sheesh....

20 ft Family Sailing Vessel with Cuddy Cabin

T37Chef 07-31-2008 09:03 PM has a toilet seat, now all you need to do get the to throw in the thing the seat sits on :)

JohnRPollard 07-31-2008 09:23 PM

A $2400 toilet seat!! What, is this some kind of Pentagon contract?:D :D :D

Seriously, that link is better than the first one (:D ), but it still doesn't provide a great deal of info. My gut feeling is that $2400 is pretty steep for this small and fairly primitive vessel, but I'm not familiar with the boat market in Hawaii.

sailingdog 07-31-2008 09:31 PM

Looks like it is priced a bit high...there's no interior on that boat. It's been gutted. :)

capttb 07-31-2008 10:13 PM

Kinda looks like a Manson Family Sailing Vessel, glad the life preservers come with it.

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