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Sonofasonofasailor 09-05-2008 10:58 AM

Todays new boat copmarable to C&C Landfall 38 or CS36?
What boat being built new today would you say would be the boat that is looked back upon 20 or so years from now similarly to the Lanfall 38 and CS36? What I mean is each of these boats tends to be highly regarded as a quality built, boat that owners simply love sailing and owning.

k1vsk 09-05-2008 11:50 AM

Shannon, Alden, Hood, Passport, Palmer Johnson, and about 10 more I can think of are already more well-thought of than those you mention. The answer is ALL in one's perception.

blt2ski 09-05-2008 12:33 PM

IF C&C currently was not having issues, I think one would still find there current crop of boats to be on par with the old landfall 38, ie the 115, and 110 in particular. The Tartan 3700 could fall into the same catagory. The brands mentioned by k1vsk, many were being produced at the same time as the landfall and CS yachts, but, being as they are twice the price, of course they would be considered better boats per say. One could put Morris in teh same arena too.

Others, that to me would fit current equal dollars spent per say, J-Boats may fill a void, The 37 at least in the Puget sound area is sought after. i could see the 109 or 120'ish sized boats doing something similar.

Some others that might fall into this catagory, would be the Bendy toy first 36.7 or 40.7's. The Jeanneau SO 37 has a current reasonably high following, as that brands most ever produce boat.

The problem with this kind of question, is one has to attempt to look into the future, and hope you guess right. Not that any of the boats I mentioned could or would work, but the beneateau and Jeanneau boats I could see before the current C&C and Tartans, but I could be wrong there too.


Maine Sail 09-05-2008 12:47 PM

It's hard to know what you mean when you say "looked back on". I'll try answer it from a purely fit and finish and construction level.

Morris, Hinckley, Lyman Morse, Hood/Little Harbor, Halberg Rassy, Shannon & Alden are in their own league and it's a league well beyond a Tartan, C&C, CS or Sabre ever will be.

My CS 36 is, and was, a very well built boat but I can assure you she's no Morris or Hinckley level boat. One can always be delusional, and argue that a CS or C&C is equally built to a Morris or Hinckley, but I'd ask for a hit of what that person was smoking cause it must be good stuff.:D

I'd say of today's crop of boats Sabre, J Boats and Tartan/C&C would be the closest to the older CS and C&C boats. I'd put Pasport somewhere in between the Morris/Hinckley level and the Sabre /Tartan/ J Boat level..

john232 09-06-2008 02:57 AM

Don,t forget the Caliber 40 or the Island Packet 37, and Pacific seacraft 37,40.44.

Sonofasonofasailor 09-06-2008 10:25 PM

halakei, I think that you understood my question almost exactly - thanks!

k1, I agree those boats that you mentioned are all more well thought of than the boats I provided as examples but what I was asking was what is being built today that is similar to those boats.

Of course this is an exercise in generalizations and cannot be completed in exact terms but Bendy's and Jenn's? Just as Halakei is readily willing to concede the Hinckleys et al as superior boats, I would think that most Landfall & CS owners would staunchly defend their boats as superior to Bendy's and Jenn's.

blt2ski 09-07-2008 01:39 PM

If looking at the question from an equal fit and finish, then this here Jeanneau owner would agree with it from that prospective!

If looking at it from an generally affordable $$$ wise for the ave person perspective, a boat on one end that is raced and cruised, to a boat that is more cruised, then frankly, the B36.7 with NA Championship 1D races in the great lakes the last two yrs with 50-60 boats attending, a win or two on some of the longer Ocean races, along with folks cruising there boats, along with the how well those "owners" LIKE there boats, I think you would find this group just as staunch about there boats as the older C&C and CS built boats.

In todays stance equal to a CS, the 36 in particular, Tartan 37 and its variations would fall into that catagory. hanse to me would too, but being as it is European built, the "how" they are built will be equal, but because that solid wood is harder to come by, you see more plywood veneer used for finish work etc. Then comes the, "which of these" methods is higher quality etc. Again, it comes from the owners prospective. I personally do not have issues with my boat having plywood and veneers vs solid woods in it.

If you would have asked about what is equal to a cal 40, to me the B 40.7 in todays models meets that, reasonable price, sails well, cruises well, along with if properly sailed sailed etc, certainly can win some races. The B36.7 falls into the same range if compared to boats of the later 60'es into 70's etc. This is why I mentioned those two boats. The Jeanneau SO 37 may fall more into an equal to a Cat 36 as far as what it does etc, but the race version, ie the taller mast, deeper keel more SA Sun Fast 37 has things going for it, down the road 20'ish yrs too as far as 2-3000 of them built, there will be plenty around to by, cruise etc for a decent amount. There is currently one for sale In LA that has been around the world, It is usually one of the higher #'d boats doing the ARC race cruise too from Europe.

The J 37/109/105 may also fall into the race cruiser down the road, with the 37 and 109 IMHO being the more sought after for fast cruiser's, as teh 105 is rather stark, and with 5.5' of head room, has some issues, so in reality, should not be looked at in that way either.

But a lot falls into the how you use said boat, what you look for etc. Generally speaking, I do not know of too many boat owners that just plain HATE there boats, from entry level Hunters, to high end mega $$$ boats. So in the end, they all fit a need with in a $$$ price point, design std etc.


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