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Saltygirl777 09-17-2008 05:34 PM

Woud YOU take a Newport 30 offshore?
I have heard of people doing so... and wonder if anyone here has experience with this boat or similar hull designs... I am considering purchasing a 1984 Mark III, but it's offshore performance concerns me...

thanks for your feedback!

chucklesR 09-17-2008 05:37 PM

Define offshore.
A day sail around Norfolk, sure.
Catalina Island in S.Cali - sure.
Bahama cruise - carefully, watching the weather.

Further than the USCG can come get me in a hurry?

Lostmt 09-17-2008 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by chucklesR (Post 370203)
Further than the USCG can come get me in a hurry?

Would you comment further on this.

Jeff_H 09-17-2008 07:02 PM

I think that Chuckles pegged it.....For the most part, Capital Yachts purchased the tooling for obsolete boats from other manufacturers and produced generally value oriented models. I may be mistaken but I think that the Newport 30 began life as a Mull designed Ranger. As such they were pretty nice coastal cruisers, offering decent accomodations and sailing ability. I've always liked Gary Mulls work.

When you talk about trying to take one offshore, that is far from their original intent when new and very far from their capabilities without heavily modifying them as 25 year old boats. These boats were pretty lightly built when new. Their shoe-box style hull to deck joint was never intended for the rigours of offshore abuse. They had minimal internal framing. Their deck hardware was adequate for coastal sailing but not really sized for the kinds of heavier conditions that one would expect offshore. and so on....


sailboy21 09-17-2008 07:06 PM

Newport 30's seemed to be one of the more popular production boats in that size range that did the CA-HI route. But for some reason they never seemed to go any further :confused: Some pretty good deals on those boats over there.

sailingdog 09-17-2008 07:09 PM

Chuckles probably means if you're out past heli range....

T34C 09-18-2008 05:54 PM

Jeff- is correct aobut the Mull design. I've owned a Newport 30 and would not like to have taken it off-shore. All of the opinions above are true. They are not as robust as you would need and gear would really need to be upgraded. The tankage is totally insuficient for off-shore work. In addition, the canoe style underbody does not provide a comfortable motion in a seaway. The Newport is a great boat for daysailing, coastal cruising, and even racing, but the boat will beat your kidneys out going to weather in a blow.

KeelHaulin 09-18-2008 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by Jeff_H
For the most part, Capital Yachts purchased the tooling for obsolete boats from other manufacturers and produced generally value oriented models. I may be mistaken but I think that the Newport 30 began life as a Mull designed Ranger.

Don't think so... The Newport 30 and 33 was a separate design from the Ranger; the boat is wider in beam and heavier displacement. Not saying that it is well suited for offshore conditions; just mentioning that it is not a re-cycled Ranger hull.

I think there is confusion about the Capital Yachts boats; they were robustly built boats and I would not call them "obsolete" in their era of mfr. The C&C Redline 41 was the boat that Jeff may be referring to as "obsolete" but really it was just an offshore race boat design that C&C decided to sell the molds of so they could build capital to design others with. C&C was more in the custom race boat market at the time; not the mass market for racer/cruisers. After a failed attempt to convert the 41 to a racer/cruiser by Enterprise; the molds were sold again to Capital Yachts and built for over 20 years as the Newport 41. The hull construction remained the same as the Redline 41.

Mull designed the 30 and 33 to fill out the Newport fleet for Capital Yachts; the 28 and the 41 were C&C designs. The 28 looks more like a scaled down 41 than the 30/33.

Stenn 01-29-2009 07:34 PM

Define "OffShore"
I'd say Chuckles is right....define "OffShore" first.

I have an '83 Newport 27-S MKII, and have been in email contact with George Cuthbertson, one of the "C"'s in C&C, who designed the Newport 27, asking that exact question about my 27, and his words were "I would not hesitate to take that model offshore."

Now, of course, he's talking about the design itself, not necessarily what a builder DID with his design. So if Capital Yachts used lighter hardware, etc., than he intended, that would temper George's recommendation.

But I know mine is solid as a rock, solid, non-cored hull, good hardware....and I've been caught in a serious blow or two and she handled them without a whimper or a I've felt completely safe in my "little" 27.

But, again....define "offshore". One old timer who was looking at mine while both of ours were up on the hard, said he would not hesitate to take mine to Bermuda...and he had some monster double-masted thing that was at least 40-some feet...and said he sails there all the time...

The real issue is weather....not just stereotyping the size of the boat....if you're caught out in serious weather, even in something much bigger than a 27 or a 30, size isn't going to save you.

IF you've planned the passage, and have clear weather, the Newport 30 will get you there fine.

Pogo-2 01-29-2009 08:10 PM

This Qualify as offshore
A couple years ago a gentleman sailed a N30 from Annapolis around Fla, thru the Panama Canal to Hawaii, then to New Zealand. Met a honey and ended his quest to sail around the world to raise awarness for stoke victums. I've only sailed my 87 N30 on lake erie, and lake ontario, during a few storms with 8' waves, and had no fear the boat wouldn't handel the seas.

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