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newuser 09-17-2002 11:01 PM

Hello. I''ve been looking at a 1974 Islander 30. I really like this particular boat. When I originally looked at the boat I asked the owner when he had it last in the water. It''s a documented boat. He told me he didn''t remember. either last year or the year before. I knew right then that was a lie. Trying to sell his boat, while I don''t agree with his tactics, I did like the boat. Then when I called a surveyor about surveying the boat, the surveyor knew the owner and boat in question and after laughing then told me he hadn''t had the boat in the water for 3 to 4 years. And I can get the boat at probably rock bottom price. Well, I went ahead and made the appointment. Then when that day came, the survey seemed strange to me. The surveyor emphasized the positives of the boat. I''ve never known a surveyor to do this. It was as though he was trying to sell me the boat. And said the boats value was not much less than the asking price. About 5% less. It really made me uncomfortable. The jacks are holding up the hull as there wasn''t enough wood placed under the keel to hold the boat up and after several years on the hard the hull is pushed in in these areas. He simply brushed it off. I understand that a boat of this age will need a substantial amount of work, and this one hasn''t been consistantly upgraded. It shows it''s age vey much. The surveyor seemed to dwell on little things like the cabin lights not working, while not really looking into why the bulkhead is out of whack about a half inch and not letting the doors close properly. And in his survey, he didn''t really seem to take much apart. Didn''t even visually inspect the water tank. Am I paranoid? I was thinking of getting another survey done. But that''s another $500. I''m not sure it''ll be worth it.

CPTKARL 09-18-2002 06:36 AM

Don''t walk, RUN away from that boat! They obviously have a deal between them and you''re the one whose going to get, pardon me here, SCREWED!

There are too many other good boats to see to be fooled into this one.

Good luck


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