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jsantos 09-18-2002 06:27 AM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
We are going to retire in two years and plan to liveaboard 6 mos/yr.We intend to cruise icw and bahamas.I am looking @ boats that could do the job. We have sailed a p-35 for 10 years from bar harbor to new york but she is to cramped to live aboard.Currently looking @ endeavours, gulfstars, whitbys and would appretiate your opinions,thanks Jim.

DuaneIsing 09-18-2002 07:09 AM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions

I would suggest you look for a faster boat. You said "We have sailed a p-35 for 10 years from bar harbor to new york..."

Sorry, I couldn''t resist. Hopefully, you''ll get some useful replies. Best of luck in your planning and execution.


windship 09-18-2002 03:51 PM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
There are alot of sailors out there that don''t slide along at the speed of light and their quite happy.It''s not an ''ignorance is bliss'' thing I don''t think,it''s just that they love what their doing and they love their boat.
My boat isn''t slow but if it were I''d enjoy her anyway.
To me, the beauty in a boat is more than skin deep and it''s more than just going fast.


Jeff_H 09-18-2002 05:49 PM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
I went through this with my father a maybe 6 or so years ago. We ended up looking at a lot of boats of your general description. Dad ended buying a Brewer 12.8 which is a cutter rigged, keel centerboard version of the Whitby 42. In general, the build quality and sailing ability seemed to be a step up from boats that you mentioned.


windship 09-18-2002 05:55 PM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
What do you think of the Endeavour thirty eight and forty two?


DuaneIsing 09-19-2002 02:45 AM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
Hi Dennis (windship).

I sure hope you realize I was talking about taking 10 years to sail from Bar Harbor to New York as the original poster''s (Jim''s) message implied. It was just a little harmless humor.

I agree with you that having a fast boat is not, and should not be, the most important factor for many sailors. Personally, I will be looking for a moderately fast boat, but no racing sled.

Fair winds, Dennis.


jsantos 09-25-2002 11:53 AM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
Duane I wish I had ten years to sail between Bar Harbor and New York but work takes up some of my time! Jeff,thanks for the response I have looked at a brewer12.8 online and seem to fit the bill. They are less available ( fewer ) and more expensive than the endeavours and gulfstars. Are these last two of poor quality? jim s/v slow boat.

ABullard 10-01-2002 06:51 AM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
When I was looking for a cruising boat I did a lot of research and looked at lots of Endeavors. I would look at them as strickly a coastal cruiser, their quality being somewhat less than average. For instance, the Endeavor has a history of poor deck/hull attachment (some not bolted) resulting in separations and lots of leaking. Not exactly blue water material. There are a lot of these boats on the market, especially here in Florida, but I would be very careful if looking at these boats.

sv Columbine

Lahr 10-01-2002 07:21 AM

centercockpit /cruiser need opinions
you certainly should look at the Pearson 422 cdenter cockpit, some 39 of which were built between 1983-87. A fine boat, but rare to the market. There is a Pearson 422 owners website with more information

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