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Sasha007 01-26-2009 02:03 PM

How to exchange/trade a condo, apartment, land, real estate FOR A BOAT OR CATAMARAN?
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I need an advice...

I am the owner of two 2bedrooms/2bathrooms apartments in Florida, Orlando "Madison of Metrowest" apartment complex & "Bermuda Dunes" apartment complex ($275,000 & $315,000) & lot/land in the prestigious neighborhood of Costa Rica - Cariari (503m2, $135,000). I'm interested in exchanging/trading one or several real estate units for a CATAMARAN or Boat

I'd like to EXCHANGE/TRADE/BARTER one or all of my real estate units (depending on a price and or size of the boat).

I'd love some advice on HOW TO DO IT...Where to advertise it etc?
Has anybody managed to exchange a real estate for a boat or vice-versa?
Is it possible?

I was also interested to find helpful websites where I can look for a boats going into a foreclosure? Does such thing exist?

There lots of stuff about selling or buying boats but very little or none about actually trading it for REAL ESTATE. If somebody had a better luck to find a good website like that, please SHARE the information or experience if you tried to trade your real estate or a boat!

xort 01-26-2009 02:59 PM

You don't hear of it because it is so very rare.

What if I love your condo but have a 36' Gulfstar ketch? What if I have the cat you are looking ror but want a condo in St. Petes? WAY too many variables.

Sell the condos and then buy the cat, easy enough to do.

sailingdog 01-27-2009 09:58 AM

basically, the problem with doing so is that you are limited to boat owners who are looking to get properties that are similar to what you own, and have a boat that is what you are willing to settle for. IMHO, you're far better off selling the properties and then going shopping for the boat you want, since you'll have far more choices of boats to purchase, as well as far better leverage on getting a good price on it. Trying to do a swap or barter is basically stupid and a waste of time, as it really limits your ability to negotiate on price and the selection of boats you can choose from.

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