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dizzyg3 10-02-2002 09:04 AM

Best time to buy
I''m starting to look into buying a used boat in the New England area. I''ve seen a few things I like, but prices are a bit more than I''d like (aren''t they always). What I''d like to know is if there is a better time of year to buy a boat here in New England. Any thoughts anyone?

jbarros 10-02-2002 11:57 AM

Best time to buy
Theoreticly winter would be best, people are cold, and the romanticisim of sailing is less when it''s pounding rain outside. That being said, my experience (what little I''ve got) has been that the best time to buy is when the boat you want is available for the price you want.

I started looking 2 years ago for a boat. Had to be small, cheap to maintain, sail well, be seakindly, be in good condition, and be under $1000. Once I added that last one in there, it became a very hard boat to find. I just waited, kept my eye out, and talked to people. 4 months ago I found a beutifull little 20'' sloop, with a 7 sail inventory, in awsome condition with nothing but first rate equipment (lewmar winches, ulman sails, all stainless rigging, etc) for exactly a grand. She''s now mine and she''s a pleasure to sail.

You can sail what you want, when you want, or for how much you want, but you only get to pick 2 of the 3. Just keep your eyes out, and if you''re looking for something over about 27 feet, dont be afraid to look all up and down the seaboard, as getting it to New England wouldnt be that hard.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

-- James

mikehoyt 10-02-2002 12:27 PM

Best time to buy

It''s a great time to look because this time of year there are more listings than just about any other time of year (Spring also good for that).

Be very aware that an awful lot of boat owners list their boats in Fall and are just testing the market. Many boats will be listed high for that reason ... if the owner gets good money he sells ... if not he gets to sail another year.

There are also a lot of legitimate sellers out there who would like very much to sell their boat before another year of payments, expenses, etc... Find out how long a boat has been listed and you will have an idea how eager the owner is to sell. Be ready with financing for when you find the right one.

Find the boat you want and make an offer. Don''t be afraid to low ball. Find an owner who seriously wants to sell ... your broker should let you know that...

Most of all remember that there are many of each model available on the used market. Don''t get stuck on a particular boat unless it is exceptional.

Good luck


paulk 10-02-2002 05:20 PM

Best time to buy
Have to agree that now is good time of year to buy because people don''t want to have to pay haulout & winter storage fees.

bporter 10-03-2002 08:12 AM

Best time to buy
Fall is NE is the best. People that have decided to sell their boats are REALLY motivated before they''ve paid for winter storage etc.

Having just been through this (buying and selling a boat in NE last season), I can tell you that I would have been thrilled to find a buyer in the fall. It would have saved me six months of payments and winter storage. For me that added up to about $4K, that I would have been happy to negotiate around.

In the spring it cuts BOTH ways. The people that have just paid for a winter on a boat they don''t want STILL are motivated to dump them, although they''re into it for more money. There are more buyers around though, as people realize they don''t have a boat for the new year either. So the motivated seller can be a little more picky in the spring since there is more activity.

dizzyg3 10-04-2002 09:23 AM

Best time to buy
Thanks guys. I appreciate the info.

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