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stevenm 10-07-2002 07:30 PM

CG documentation.
hello. Does anyone know how long it takes to have the CG change ownership on a documented vessel? What''s involved?

I found my dream boat and it surveyed very well, not to mention the asking price is rock bottom. We came to an agrrement on a price for the boat. I was hoping he could wait till spring to do all the paperwork, after the boat has been water tested. But he doesn''t want to wait that long. He seems to need the money now. I want to pay cash for the boat, but it''ll be a month or so before I can come up with all the money, so I think I''m going to give him half the money now, and the rest when the paperwork is complete. This should buy me enough time I think. Does this sound good? I wanted to hear the engine run, but it oesn''t. It turns over fine, but it won''t run. it''s been on the hard for a few years.

kimberlite 10-07-2002 08:02 PM

CG documentation.
it is very easy to document the boat.
you just call the doc center. they have a website. they will fax you the forms and talk you through the process. make sure you have them check the title for leins etc before giving any money out. maybe have the deposit held in escrow until the title clears.

bmcald 10-08-2002 08:22 AM

CG documentation.
I just bought a boat with CG documentation and will be going through this process myself soon. There''s a CG station nearby so I may be able to take care of it all that way.

On that engine--if it starts but doesn''t run, you should worry. Try putting a water hose to the water intake so it can be cooled, check the oil, and then see if it runs. If its an outboard, should be simple enough to put it in a testing tank. May be a great price because it needs a new engine!

stevenm 10-08-2002 09:00 AM

CG documentation.
thanks for the info. I called the CG and they''re sending the paperwork. I''ll just transfer the documentation. the engine turns over but will not start. I don''t think it''s getting spark. it''s an atomic 4. actually, he tried starting it and it wouldn''t, that''s when he accepted my first lowball offer. he originally laughed at it. he also hasn''t paid winter storage yet. which was due last month.

JWag 10-19-2002 05:12 PM

CG documentation.

I would invest a few hours time with a marine mechanic to determine if the engine has big or small problems. You invested in the survey, do the same with the mechanic so you know what you are buying unless it is so ridiculously cheap that even replacing the engine still makes it a bargain (replacing an Atomic 4 with a 2 cylinder diesel will set you back $10,000 installed - you might be able to find a rebuilt Atomic 4 for $2,500 plus installation).

windship2 10-20-2002 08:23 AM

CG documentation.
Hi Steve,
Why can''t you water test the boat now?
If your curious about sailing ability, tell us the make and model of the boat and I''m sure someone knows them well.
As for as giving have the money...I don''t think I''d do that! Can you finance now and pay of the loan when you get the rest of the money?


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