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ian6460 10-15-2002 09:35 AM

Pearson 303, P30, Flyer
Seriousely looking for a 30'' Pearson. What are the differences in the 303, 30 and Flyer, ie: construction, sailing qualities, problems to look for @ survey?


gstraub 10-15-2002 10:27 AM

Pearson 303, P30, Flyer
I owned a Pearson Flyer for 11 years. The Flyer is NOTHING like the typical Pearson. The Flyer was conceived as a one design racer/weekender. It has a D/L of 175, so it is not quite an ultralight. It is flush deck, outboard unbalanced spade rudder, fractional rigged sloop. Hull is balsa core. It looks like a J24 on steroids.

There is not much to the interior. It has headroom of just over 5 feet in the main cabin area. The forepeak is for sail storage and a portable head. There is no vee berth. Next aft there is a small sink and room for a small stove (not gimballed). Settees port and starboard and very comfortable and roomy quarter berths as there is no cockpit lazarette. Inboard is a one cylinder diesel (BMW I think). Mine had been replaced with a Yanmar 1GM10. Rigging is good with a bendy mast and adjustable back stay.

The boat sails like a dinghy with the fin keel and unbalanced spade rudder, but it sails well and is a tremendously fun boat to sail. We had ours on SF bay and sailed on the bay and a little way down the coast to Monterey a couple of times. This is definitely not a "cruising" boat, if that is what you are looking for. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a fun boat to sail with an occasional weekend overnight, then this is a nice boat to consider.


SailorMitch 10-15-2002 12:49 PM

Pearson 303, P30, Flyer
The P-30 is much more performance oriented than the 303 with enough room for some cruising. The P-303 was designed pretty much for cruising. The 303 displaces about 2,000 lbs more than the P-30, and has much better accommodations down below. So as you might expect, the 30 is better under sail of the two.

As already stated, the Flyer is different yet. For example, it displaces about 2,000 lbs less than the P-30 but the sail area of the two is nearly equal.

ian6460 10-15-2002 01:03 PM

Pearson 303, P30, Flyer
Thank you for the info. Is there any significant difference in construction quality between the 30 & 303 or any major problems that routinely occur on either one?


SailorMitch 10-15-2002 04:51 PM

Pearson 303, P30, Flyer
First, let me state my bias. I own a 1989 Pearson 27. Just want you to know, OK? As for build quality, I wouldn''t say there is much difference in overall quality between a P-30 and the 303. Do note that the 30 is a lot older design and that a LOT more of them were made than the 303. I have known 3 people well who own or owned 303''s, and none ever complained about the quality. The fact that many P-30''s are 30 years old and still sailing should speak for them.

As to what to look for, go back to the Buying a Boat category and look about 10 topics down for one titled along the lines of "What to look for in a Pearson 30." Some good info there. But if you want more opinions, Sailnet has a separate P-30 email list, so ask away there.

If you want to know more about the 303, send me a message or an email and I can get you the email address for a friend of mine who runs a 303 email list on his own. He will either know, or can get you the info from the list in no time.

Good luck.

ian6460 10-15-2002 07:18 PM

Pearson 303, P30, Flyer

I would love to get the e-mail address of your friend who runs the 303 list,


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