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jbarros 10-31-2002 05:30 AM

capable world cruisers under $10k
I just reciently realized I''ve been going about the task of looking for a boat in the wrong way.

I''d found boats that apealed to me astheticly or pricewise, and then asked if they could do what I needed. Instead, I figgured I''d ask you guys what boats you think will work for what I need, and go from there.

The Goal: A capable pocket cruiser for world sailing. Most likley just coastal cruising for about a year while I fininsh getting my ducks in order, but then off to the great wherever.

She needs to be seaworthy. I have no desire to sail into storms, but if caught, I''d like to be able to get out in one piece. I DO anticipate at least a few blue water treks.

She needs to have a modicum of comfort. eg, I want to be able to install a hot water shower. 2 burner stove is fine, I dont need a centerline queen sized bed, but I want to be dry below, and have a warm shower. Standing headroom would be nice, but is not required. (I''m 5''10" btw)

Simple is better. I like tillers. less horror stories of stearing gear failing when it''s a stick with a bigger stick on the end ;) I''m still getting used to the fact that my next boat will probibly have an inboard engine (outboards are ok by me.)

and lastly, if she''s under $10k, I can make a way to do it. if not, I stay with my little 22'' day sailer.

So those are the requirements. I know I cant get them all, as humble as they are, but the closer the better. and for me, even the $10k is a streach, but it''s one I want to make, and will find a way to make, but still $15 is absolutley beyond my means, so the suggestion of the more expensive boats is just out.

Here''s whats on my list to investigate so far:

pearson triton
Bristol 32/30/29
Tartan 30
Mariner 28
Cape Dory 28/27
and if I can find one cheap, flicka 20

feedback on any of the above?
suggestions and or reviews of any others?

Thanks. :)

-- james

ndsailor 11-09-2002 03:44 PM

capable world cruisers under $10k
I am always amazed at what constitutes a "pocket cruiser" these days. It use to mean a boat around 25 ft in length. Using that reference, my own experience, and your price range I would suggest the 26 ft Westerly Centaur. Most these days are starting to show their age, but at 26 ft, a couple of thousand dollars invested (and some elbow grease) can make a substancial upgrade to a weathered boat. The Centaur won''t get you there quickly, but it will always get you there. They are very safe sailors in my opinion.

windship2 11-09-2002 05:03 PM

capable world cruisers under $10k
These are all good boats but theres only one problem...trying to find any one of these boats for ten thousand would be nearly impossible and if you did the amount of money to put it back into shape would be hideous.The pearson triton would be your only chance and wouldn''t be a bad choice at that.


RobGallagher 11-10-2002 05:49 AM

capable world cruisers under $10k
It will be hard to find a boat with an outboard AND a hot shower. Most (none) of the boats in your size/price range will not have a real shower. It''s easy to add a shower sump and a hand held shower nozzle.

I purchased a boat with this arrangement and found it is easier to wait and use a public shower if possible. The boat gets humid and the heads on these older boats just are not designed to work that way. Water will get everywhere. I hang a shower curtain in the head but it still doesn''t stop all the spray.

Don''t be tempted by a shower that drains into the bilge. It will stink and clog your bilge pumps. In fact you will be amazed at how bad it will smells. So will other people:)

I have also seen sun showers plumbed to the head for hot water, but you still need the shower sump.

WHOOSH 11-10-2002 04:31 PM

capable world cruisers under $10k

As already mentioned, I think your biggest challenge is not just finding a suitable boat in your price range but eventually getting to Blue Water aboard a seaworthy boat for $10K. And regretably, the comments about a ''hot shower'' are reasonable only if you use the cockpit, at least aboard boats you''ll likely end up seriously considering.

As one example, look at an Albin Vega. They have circumnavigated, done many, many trans-Atlantics, were well engineered and carefully built but to a very basic level of fitout, are a delight to sail (and can be made to sail using sheet-to-tiller methods, which eliminates the cost of an autopilot and/or windvane), and some will still have inboard engines.

Assuming you find one below your $10K threshhold, won''t you want to replace the (most likely, quite old) rigging? What work will the engine require? Nothing is more ''basic'' than the sails: what servicing and addition(s) to the inventory will she require? And then there''s good anchor gear and a decent anchor platform on which to hang it, late 20th century nav lights that can actually be seen, a radar reflector, and a decent stove to cook on.

It is probably possible to make the numbers work but it will be challenging to find the right boat with enough of the essential pieces of gear. The critical issue is finding a low-cost boat that''s still seaworthy enough - in design, construction and current condition - to be up to the task.


manateee_gene 11-10-2002 06:55 PM

capable world cruisers under $10k
This guy is another tire kicker. I''ve put TPIII up for sale at a bargin price and offered to carry the contract, with a down payment of less than he plans for a boat.

manateee_gene 11-10-2002 07:00 PM

capable world cruisers under $10k
Go to,go to the home page,then to the discussion board,then to ssca flea market, then toboats for sale, then find Teacher''s Pet III
PS dream On!

jbarros 11-11-2002 12:31 AM

capable world cruisers under $10k
I''m sorry, I forgot to mention timeline. I''m on here looking for idea''s such that when I do get to buy, I''ll know what I''m looking for. Right now I''m finishing up brightwork, some calk around the windows, and electric on a 20'' sloop I''ve got in the Channel Islands which will be going on sale shortly as all the work will be done, she''ll be in true bristol fashion, and it will be time for me to move up. Untill she''s sold, I am just looking at models, designers and finding out what I''m going to need to fix on which boats. I''m hoping to get a chance to actualy extange some greenbacks in about a year or so. Sorry. I didnt mean to tease.

Also, while you''re offer of a downpayment of less than I plan to spend for my total purchase price is incredibly generous, I think I''ll stick to something smaller and whos purchase price is actualy about what I''m looking to spend. ;)

Thanks though.

-- James

jbarros 11-11-2002 12:39 AM

capable world cruisers under $10k
As for the purchase price of $10k meaning there will need to be some work on the boat, this is something I''m ok with, and expect. I do my own work, and can beg, borrow, wheel and deal to get inexpensive (never cheap) parts and materials to fix it up as I prepair for my trip. I need only sound hull and deck (I dont think I can recore a deck), and well steped mast and hopefully some of the more expensive to replace items in decent shape. (sails, rigging, bottom paint, ground tackle, engine pick any 2 or more) I can do electric with my eyes shut, and I dont mind replumbing, repainting, carpentry, glasswork, (interior, not hull if possible) but I''d like to find something that I could drop an inital investment in and then liveaboard as I prepaired her for a trip. So, while $10k (or so) is my limit for an intial drop on a boat, it''s not neccessarily my limit for parts etc, provided I can spread the rest out over time, WITHOUT an obligation to someone else to pay. ie: I just dont like debt.

Likewise, I''m in no big rush, as I have a day sailer for now, which I waited and watched and looked for 3 years before finding what I wanted for the rather obscenley low amount of money I had to offer. ($1000 for a sloop in good condition.) I''ve done it before, I''ll do it agian, it just takes patience, and knowing what you''re looking for. I''ve got the first, just trying to figgure out the second.

Once agian, thanks for the ideas and the feedback. All good things to think about while I''m trying to figgure out what I''m doing.

-- James

Heruka 11-11-2002 06:14 AM

capable world cruisers under $10k
I''ve bought a Tartan 30 for under $10k for the intent of long range cruising. Including several ocean passages. East Coast-Carib-South Pacific-Hawai''i-West Coast. The boat was strong, good hull and deck, and mast which like you is what I wanted. Most of the other ''stuff'' will be upgraded. Engine, Atomic 4 has been rebuilt, rigging will be replaced next year, electrical system has been updated. Bulkheads have been strenghthened. Basically, the boat will have been gone over thoughly by then. It''s a near perfect boat for us. There''s only two of us. In the end I expect to spend roughly $30k on the boat and supplies. This includes everything from the original survey, I had 3 done, to the purchase of the dingy and stereo speakers to pots and pans to rice. Well within my budget. If you look around though, there are some nice older boats for under the $10k price.

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