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rleslie 11-01-2002 07:48 AM

narrowed list - need valued input
After a year of careful consideration and boarding countless boats we have determined that a center cockpit gives us the live-aboard features we are looking for. We have narrowed our list to:Moody42, HR42&41, Pearson422, Endeavour42&40, Vagabond Westwind, **Bristol 41, Oyster40.

We have set the following criteria:Draft under 6'' (prefer closer to 5''), solid FG hull, prefer cutter rig, 150water & 75fuel capacity.

Our price range is $150k+- and we will be sailing the Chesapeake, Pamlico, IC & Bahamas.

I would appreciate your input as relates to the sailing qualities (or lack of) and the construction quality of these boats.


namaste04 11-01-2002 02:48 PM

narrowed list - need valued input
My 2 cents:
Higher quality: HR, Bristol, Oyster
Medium: Pearson 424 (we were actully very impressed with the interior joinery on the 2 we looked at; we expected a lot of wood-grain laminates as in other Pearsons of that vintage...)
Lower quality: Endeavor (I would not go offshore in one.)

Have you looked also at Whitby 42 (later models are better made), Peterson 44, Bewer 12.8? All these are lovely center cockpit boats with good reputations. We had similar needs but a lower budget and ended up with a Mariner 39 (built in New Hampshire, not the far east or CA...) which is similar to the above boats but a tad smaller. I don''t think there are any on the market right now, although she meets all of your criteria, except cutter rig.

Whitby 42s have some tenderness/helm issues that many POs have addressed with added lead to the Brewer cutaway keel and enlarged rudder. There are active owner groups that can probably tell you a lot about sailing characteristics of at least the P424, HRs, Whitby42s... probably others as well. Look at Sailnets email groups or do a Google search. It''s also interesting to make a chart and compare capsize ratios, sail area/dispacement ratios, etc, for the boats you are considering.... a good web site for that is

have fun''s so much fun!!

windship2 11-01-2002 03:32 PM

narrowed list - need valued input
Why do you say Endeavours are low quality?
I''m curious.


rogerl 11-01-2002 03:46 PM

narrowed list - need valued input

Your thoughts pretty much mirror mine (except I felt the Endeavour was on the same construction level as the Pearson & Moody).

Are you familiar with the sailing characteristics of the HR, Bristol, or Oyster, ie: would they be well suited for the light air on the Chesapeake?

namaste04 11-01-2002 04:51 PM

narrowed list - need valued input
Not "low" quality, but lower relative to Hallberg Rassy, Tartan, and Oyster. that is just my opinion fromlooking at boats and speaking with people. My sense is that they are not as well built re: deck-to-hull joint, hardware sizing, interior joinery. They were not built to as high standards.

I would not be as comfortable in the middle of the Atlantic in Force 8 in an Endeavor as in a Hallberg-Rassy, which is built to cross oceans. Heavy, highly-reinforced hull, extra-well-tabbed bulkheads, beefy hardware. Endeavors were not built for the same usage. it does not make them bad boats, just built for a different audience.

Just my 2 cents. I may be off base.

windship2 11-02-2002 07:26 AM

narrowed list - need valued input
Good morning.
I,myself,aren''t really sure about the exact construction of most of the Endeavour line but I do know many people do take their E''s out to sea and across oceans without failure all the time.
Is the build quality that of a Hallberg? I don''t know...Probably not.Is the build quality surperior to Catalina,Hunter,Jeneau,Pearson or Tartan?Mine is.
I own the thirty-two.The hull is thickly laid-up with a half inch at the sheer three quarter inch at the turn of the bildge and progressivly thicker as you go down to the ''garboard'' area.Never a blister...ever.
My rudder is just as tight as the day she was built.She washed up on shore during hurricane Bob back in ''92 and the only dammage was to gelcoat.No delamination. Still to this day.
The interior has a four piece liner with each section glassed in sepretly and stops at the bridge deck bulkhead.The engine beds being glassed to the hull and not to a liner.The liner stops at the setee backs and the rest of the interior is built with a generious amoumt of teak and very pleasant if I might add.Teak and holly sole.
Bulkheads are fully glassed to the hull before liner install.
Storage is generous.
Stress cracks on deck are minimal...not even an issue.
My hull to deck joint has never leaked...not one drop and the 5200 used for bedding is still soft and strechy.
There''s more to say, but thats enough.
A high quality boat? Mabey not. I''m not an expert.
A low quality boat? Not even close.
Hope this helps,


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