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TQA 04-30-2009 11:09 AM

Is this a real Hinckley?
A broker has come up with this 40 footer for us to look at. He describes it as a Hinckley although it is built by OCEAN CRUISING YACHTS.

It is a 40 foot CB sloop and looks something like the 40 Bermuda.

Anyone know anything about these boats. Is this a real Hinckley?


Cruisingdad 04-30-2009 11:28 AM

I am poorly knowledgeable on all the facts surrounding the Hinkleys, but as I recall the father went out of business and the son (Hinkley Jr) bought it. He produced a line of boats with varying quality. I believe that he then went out of business and the other brother picked it ujp or something like that (where it is today).

This is a really bad history, sorry, and is more hear-say than anything. I have heard that the true quality of the boats varied depending on the ownership. Some of the early 80's will also have Mercedes Diesels which had issues (parts availability not being the least of them).

The reason I know some of this is I just had a talk with a friend that cruised on his Hink in the Caribbean for about 3 years and he quickly gave me some of the history... of which I have probably screwed a bunch of it up. I believe his was an early 80's model. He said it was very tender and was squirelly when running (though a beautiful boat inside). However, he seemed to feel the design of the boat was much more for coastal/day sailing than offshore cruising and he had to make many modifications to make it work, including throwing considerable weight in the bilge for stability.

- CD

bubb2 04-30-2009 11:41 AM

I believe that they were designed by Hank Hinckley Jr. and built by Ellsworth Maine . Marketed under the Brand name OCEAN CRUISING YACHTS.

tommays 04-30-2009 11:47 AM

There are real ones here BUT IMHP while nice to look at there nice to the point of how do you use the BOAT ?

arja 04-30-2009 12:41 PM

An OC is not a Hinckley
Hinckleys come in Pilots (35 ft), Bermuda 40, Southwest 42, a 43 with more competitve design, 49, Southwest 50-51 and 52 plus a 59, now up to 70: all in fiberglass and built with handcrafted wood interiors in ash, mahogany and cherry wood with substantial exterior teak and Hinckley designed and manufactured stainless steel rigging,etc.

As a 20 year owner of a 1967 B-40 aft cabin, they are stable, solid, reliable and great to go to into any weather. A Hinckley is not a clorox bottle, but a finely made yacht, classically pleasing to the eye when maintained. The OC is not a Hinckley since it was not built by The Hinckley Company in Southwest Harbor, Maine. I believe it is correct that a member of the Hinckley family departed from the Family Business and created the OC with the benefit of clear knowledge of his Family's accomplsihments.

With Picnic boats, Talarias and other power boats now an major part of The Hinckley Company line, Pilots and B-40s are no longer made. And the family company was corporately purchased maybe 10 years ago and still retains its excellent customer support to Hinckley owners with locations beyond Maine in Rhode ialnd, Annapolis, and South Florida, maybe other locations as well.

I have called The Hinckley Company over the years with questions about this and that. And found friendly and professional support available to support my now 42 year old yacht. They even still have a copy of her drawings as one of 5 aft cabin yawls.

So even though an OC was created by a member of the Hinckley family, in buying a Hinckley, one can get substantial knowledge and support for one of their yachts from the home office. I dare say, you may wish to check out what support OC provides. I speculate not much.

Hinckleys are much more than a pretty boat, they are well found, well designed and when maintained, an incredibly safe yacht in any weather.
So if you like the OC, just make sure you and your broker are not confusing an OC for a Hinckley, or you may well pay too much.

And there was a 30' wooden sloop that preceded the innovation into fiberglass by The Hinckley Company prior to the mid-50's. Hope this helps

T37SOLARE 04-30-2009 02:52 PM

Hank Hinckley spun off from the family to build boats of high quality at a lower price then a true Hinckley. If I recall I believe around a dozen or so boats were delivered from 39-52'.

I looked at a OC40 while searching for our current boat, and while the workmanship was good, I felt the asking price at that time was too inflated. We also found the interior, like the B-40 to be too small without a quarterberth.

http: Hank Hinkley Yachts

sahara 05-01-2009 10:22 AM

While not a true Hinckley, they are well made boats, though I never liked the pinched stern treatment of the 40'. I think Hank Hinckley designed the boat himself, where most of the other Hinckley models have impressive design pedigrees: Sparkman & Stephens (Pilot 35), Bill Tripp (B-40 & H48), Ted Hood (H43), McCurdy & Rhodes (SW-42, 43, 51, 52, 59) and Bruce King (SW-70).

If the boat is well maintained and the price is good, it may be a good value, provided that is the kind of boat you're looking for. Like most old-school boats, these will have small interiors for their LOA relative to modern boats, but will sail well and have a nice motion.

If you're serious, you need to look at the boat, spend a couple of hours aboard, crawl thru the unfinished spaces like cockpit lockers and check the workmanship. Sit in the cockpit and lean against the cabintop. Is it the right angle for you or the bride to read a book?

T37's link has lots of good info, there was also a review of one of the OC40 in Nautical Quarterly many years ago. I know I have the article somewhere, PM me if you want it.

TQA 05-01-2009 09:47 PM

Thanks for all the info - so not a REAL HINCKLEY . I will bear all of the above in mind if we go and look at it.

We are looking for a liveaboard cruising boat, something with a little style not a vanilla job.

Maine Sail 05-01-2009 10:32 PM

The OC's
While the Hank Hinckley Ocean Cruising Yachts are very fine boats, built to a much higher standard than most, they are not a "Hinckley".

I spent a great deal of time at Hinckley when they were still pumping out a fair number of sailboats as a friend worked there. The robust quality of construction and level of attention to detail in a Hinckley is, in my estimation, rarely equaled anywhere on the planet, except for down the street at Morris. Morris builds a beautiful boat too and there are a few European builders doing a similar level but the OC's are just not to that level IMHO but still EXCELLENT. I've been on many Hinckley's and two OC's so I have had a chance to compare both. The SW 42 sails like a dream, though it can be a tad wet, the OC 42 while nice does not have the sailing qualities of the SW 42. If you've ever seen how Hinckley's are built, up close and personal, compared to other builders, you'd understand.

Don't get me wrong the OC's are top notch just not "THE" top notch IMHO.

P.S. How many builders do you know that let a master varnisher spend 320 man hours just on a master state room...?? I'll give you a hint it was not OCY..

Woodman 02-07-2010 09:49 PM

kinda sorta but not with same logo
Not a Hinckley but a very well built sailing yacht.

The Hinckley company was sold to a Canadian furniture maker and the sons split off parts of the business. Bob took the insurance and brokerage and Henry the third started a competing building, service etc company called Ocean Cruising Yachts. It was up the road in Bar Harbor and employed many of Hinckley's top craftsman. That area has many boat builders and each experienced good and bad times and the work force would shuffle between each for more competitive wages.

OCY built approximately:
1 37 foot power boat, cold molder for a yachtman that was head of the 12 meter Intrepid syndicate for the America's Cup

1 38 custom one off, for the owner of Alden Yachts

1 39 footer for a very experienced yachtsman whose father in law put the first aluminum mast in a large racer/cruiser sailboat and had 22 other major designs.

9 40 footers

8 42 footers

1 51 custom Bill Cook designed racer cruiser.

2 52 footers to Bill Cook designs

The workers at OCY went back to Hinckleys when the company closed its doors as head of Service, head of mechanical dept, head varnisher etc at Hinckleys. A shame when you consider the quality that was produced.

Comparing the fit and finish of these boats to Hinckleys are a comparable dateline they were superior.

The Hinckley company is still the standard but OCY pushed that standard and made Hinckley better.

I believe a few were made after the Bar Harbor plant closed in Ellsworth, Maine. A Canadian firm boat the tooling and also built some at a later date.

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