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hyway 11-16-2002 06:37 AM

Have located what is reputed to be a 1984 Pearson367. Is there such a boat or is it really a 365? The broker could not tell me what the difference between the two might be. Can anyone help here. Thanks Roy

SailorMitch 11-17-2002 05:20 PM


Is the Pearson "367" in California listed on Yachtworld? Just wondering is all. As far as I can tell, that listing is what we Pearsonites call a P-36-2. It''s the P-36 made from 1985-1990 thereabouts. I think the broker has the wrong year for it. Comparing the dimensions to a P-36-2, they are the same. I have no idea where this 367 lingo comes from.

The P-365 was an entirely different boat, and I think the last one was made around 1982.

hyway 11-18-2002 02:18 PM

SailorMitch ----- Right you are, The "367" is listed on Yachtworld. Out here on the westcoast Pearsons are few and far between. I have been looking for a Cal 39 and happen to come across this listing. This Pearson has never been upgraded,except for some minor electronics, and its equipment, sails, rigging, engine, etc. are all orginal. Makes the listing price seem a little high. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to the
P-36-2 sailing tendencys. We plan to use it as coastal cruiser, Mexico and a place to retreat too to excape the Arizona summer heat. Thanks for your reply, Roy

SailorMitch 11-18-2002 02:37 PM


To get the full scoop on the P-36, I suggest joining the Pearson email list here on Sailnet and asking away there. a number of P-36-2 owners are on there and will be glad to answer your questions.

Personally, I think it would be well suited as a coastal cruiser for your needs. The boat is spacious and sails pretty well. It''s not a racer, but it certainly is no dog under sail. truth be told, the 36-2 would be a good boat for me should I hit the lottery and be able to move up. (I have a 1989 P-27 now.) I really like the room and layout of a P-36. Pearsons are well made by production boat standards and have held up very well. It''s really too bad the company went belly up in 1991.

Also, I thought the price was pretty reasonable on this one, at least compared to the many listings here on the east coast. Perhaps you can take advantage of the odd duck Pearson out there and get the price down even more.

Good luck!

hyway 11-19-2002 02:42 PM

SailorMitch ------ I am taking your advice regarding the Pearson email. This may be the boat we have been looking for. Its not being a dog is important. So. Cal., where the boat would be birthed, has more than its fair share of lite air. Your comment regarding the room and layout is reassuing. The photos on YachtWorld were not the best and I have found that even good photos can be misleading. A boat this size that sails well and has good accommadations would fill the bill. As you state the price is probably reasonable but one worries about costly replacements. Just the same we are following up on it. Thanks for your help, Roy

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